History in the Age of Vikings: Volume 3

Release Date: December 14, 2021
Author: Ephraim Durnst
Length: 402 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Softcover ISBN: 978-1592182862 MSRP: $24.95
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1592182886 MSRP: $34.95
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Volume 3 concludes the three-volume illustrated series about Viking history with a detailed look at their artistry, jewelry, woodworking, home life, expeditions, and Berserks.

Based on the nearly-destroyed, rare works of a 19th-century writer and archaeologist, History in the Age of Vikings Volume 3 includes profusely illustrated chapters on the dress of Viking men and women, jewelry making, and the intricate artistry of their furniture, halls, and buildings. Features:

  • More than 1600 contemporary illustrations spread across three volumes
  • Full-size 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages
  • Digitally restored and enhanced images
  • Enlarged pages and images with enhanced layouts
  • Modern retro-styled cover design for display
  • Introduction by World’s Fair historian and artist, Mark Bussler
  • Hardcover and Softcover printing options

Volume 3 features several chapters about Viking expeditions and accomplishments, poetry, and the famed Berserks.

“We wonder if [Du Chaillu] saved his favorite stories for last because, in these pages (spread throughout no less than six chapters!), we learn about the Battles of Brávöll and Dúnheidi, Ragnar Lodbrok, King Halfdan, the first Jarls of Normandy, the Battle of Brunanburgh, King Svein, King Olaf, Knut, Harald Hardradi, and much more.

Chapter XVII, titled Champions and Berserks, is especially interesting and filled with the kinds of flair and drama that modern audiences might expect from the Vikings. “To be considered the foremost champion or Kappi was the greatest ambition of every warrior; and to attain this proud position was no easy task among so many men who were equally brave and perfectly reckless of their lives and thoroughly skilled in the handling of weapons.”

When within sight of their foe Berserks wrought themselves into such a state of frenzy that they bit their shields and rushed forward toward the attack, throwing away their arms of defense, reckless of every danger, sometimes having nothing but a club, which carried with it death and destruction.”

As with the previous volumes, we endeavored to restore this fascinating series for future generations to enjoy and educate. Images have been, where necessary, enlarged and cleaned up from the contemporary master print.”

Volume 3 Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Fleets of the Northmen
Chapter 2: Mode of Naval Warfare of the Northmen
Chapter 3: Sea Battles
Chapter 4: Traders and Trading Ships
Chapter 5: Debts and Robbery
Chapter 6: Halls and Buildings
Chapter 7: Feasts, Entertainments
Chapter 8: Dress of Men
Chapter 9: Dress of Women
Chapter 10: The Bracteates
Chapter 11: Occupations and Sports of Men
Chapter 12: Occupations of Women
Chapter 13: Exercises – Idróttir
Chapter 14: Idróttir – Poetry, Music, and Mental Exercises
Chapter 15: The Conduct of Life – The Hávamál
Chapter 16: Sorrow and Mourning
Chapter 17: Champions and Berserks
Chapter 18: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 19: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 20: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 21: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 22: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 23: Some Expeditions and Deeds of Great Vikings
Chapter 24: The Discovery and Settlement of Iceland, Greenland and America
Chapter 25: The Orkneys and Hebrides
Appendix II

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