Oceanography and Sailing in the 19th Century: The Water World Enlarged Illustrated Special Edition

Release date: July 2, 2020
Author: J.W. Van DerVoort
Length: 516 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
ISBN: 978-1-7353382-0-0 MSRP: $24.95
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A stunning special edition reprint of the classic 1884 illustrated oceanographic masterpiece about exploring the world’s seas, their creatures, and phenomena.

Take a trip to a bygone era when steamships were new and the mysteries of the deep largely undiscovered. The Water World bursts with 19th-century enthusiasm and intrigue as daring explorers launch expeditions around the world to unravel the oceans’ secrets. DerVoort’s contemporary masterpiece remains thrilling and educational well into the 21st century with its approachable writing style and rich collection of detailed engravings that stir the imagination.

Those who love tales of the high seas and the drama surrounding ocean exploration will find themselves enthralled in this sweeping work that Van DerVoort wrote for all people to appreciate the wonders of the ocean that he described as that “whose mighty heart throbs in sympathy with the pulse of God.”

This special edition reprinting features enlarged pages, digitally remastered images, the original type font, and a new, beautiful retro cover design created to brighten your library and stand out on the shelf. This is a must-own book for lovers of the ocean, marine life, deep-sea exploration, and the early days of steamships, modern lighthouses, and trans-Atlantic travel.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1 – The Ocean: Its Laws and Elements
Chapter 2 – The Frozen Ocean
Chapter 3 – Icebergs
Chapter 4 – Life in the Ocean
Chapter 5 – Minute Animal Life
Chapter 6 – Coral: The Rock Builders
Chapter 7 – Pearls
Chapter 8 – Sponges
Chapter 9 – Seals
Chapter 10 – Whales: The Monarchs of the Ocean
Chapter 11 – The Whale Fishery and Its Perils
Chapter 12 – Sharks: The Pirates of the Ocean
Chapter 13 – Sea-Horses and Narwhals
Chapter 14 – Nautili: The Floating Navigators of the Ocean
Chapter 15 – Modes of Fishing in Various Countries
Chapter 16 – Odds and Ends About Fishes
Chapter 17 – Shells
Chapter 18 – Sea Birds
Chapter 19 – Superstitions Connected with the Ocean
Chapter 20 – Marine Prodigies
Chapter 21 – Monsters of the Deep: Sea Dragons
Chapter 22 – Submarine Scenery: Animal and Vegetable
Chapter 23 – The Bed of the Ocean: Deep Sea Soundings
Chapter 24 – Phenomena of the Ocean
Chapter 25 – Ocean Steamships
Chapter 26 – The Signal Service
Chapter 27 – The Life Saving Service
Chapter 28 – Lighthouses and Beacons

Available on Amazon.com
Available on Amazon.com

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