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News June 18, 2024

Omega Ronin #1 Kickstarter
Omega Ronin #1 Kickstarter

GET READY for the OMEGA RONIN graphic novel and vinyl LP soundtrack. Pre-launch on Kickstarter now.

Space mercenaries from a dystopian future battle a robot empire with the help of an enigmatic cosmic anomaly under the guise of a 1980s nu-wave synthpop band in the year 1,001,982.

May 22, 2024

CGR Publishing just released dozens of new shirts, hoodies, and clothing designs under the Turbo Volcano and Gustave Dore Shop brands on Amazon. Check them out. Thousands of new product designs are inbound and soon to make their way onto the site. We're just getting ready to organize all of it this summer.

Mark is wrapping up the History of Classic Game Room book to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary. The show has concluded in its 25th year and is permanently discontinued. Production costs and the time required to make it were unfortunately too high given the low viewership and negative growth on social media platforms that we don't control. The podcast will wrap up production soon. The brand is transitioning into something else completely different which will take some time.

"Hearing that I'm not allowed to be creative is the end of that project for me. Social media is suffocating and counter productive. I was curious to see what landscape we'd discover in our 25th year and it's a solid reminder to stick with my 80s and 90s inspirations and get back to making without fear of the consequences. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the final season." -mark

New Omega Ronin vinyl is on the way, but we're not sure what form it will be in yet. Mark is making decisions on packaging, colors, and weight and the best way to deliver the sizable and growing catalog. Stay tuned. Several new EPs and a book project are inbound.

Massive website updates coming soon. Organizing all of this is a challenge!!

"It is possible that 80s Comics will make a return soon. We rebooted the 80s Comics website, changing it from a catalog that wasn't working out, into something new. Cataloging sites aren't relevant anymore, but making weird ass shit about comic books is perfectly acceptable. Nothing says 80s to me more than making nu-wave synthpop about 1980s cartoon shows so let's see what happens."


April 11, 2024

We're doing some website maintenance to better organize our current product lineup of Omega Ronin, Classic Game Room, Turbo Volcano, and 80s Comics. New albums and podcasts are in production.

Omega Ronin just released two albums in the past two months, go check them out at

The Classic Game Room FOREVER STREAM continues at

A new Turbo Volcano album is in production.

A new 80s Comics podcast is in production.

We're phasing out social media sites that aren't working for us and have turned into useless time-sucks including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. All focus is shifting to non-social-media-driven product lines including albums, music videos, print, and podcasting. We're adding a better "follow us" page soon to reflect this changing landscape, but in the meantime follow:

Classic Game Room on Mastodon

Omega Ronin on Mastodon

@ClassicGameRoom on Threads

@ClassicGameRoom on TikTok

@OmegaRonin on TikTok

January 29, 2024

Omega Ronin updates

CGR Publishing is pleased to announce that Omega Ronin will be hosting weekly Live Listening Parties on Bandcamp as we (CGR Publishing) move to a weekly EP and Single release schedule with new music coming out on Fridays! RSVP for the next Listening Party, it's free and super rad! Space Warr | Omega Ronin (

Mark Bussler is busy producing the first full-length Omega Ronin music video for streaming services around the world.

Omega Ronin will be launching a live-streaming project in the coming months, stay tuned.

"We've had a lot of requests for more CD releases and vinyl. We're putting a plan together to make something cool."

Print updates

We're still recovering from a very busy holiday season! Thank you to everyone who ordered books in 2023, we hope that you've enjoyed them. We are creating a 2024 release schedule. "We'll be releasing some cool things based on our Omega Ronin series like art books, commentary, and more. The History of Classic Game Room will give the 25-year-old series a final farewell with an interesting story about my (Mark's) documentary career, the YouTube run, and the modern era. Expect it this fall. I'm also giving Edit-Station 1 and Heyzoos a final farewell with a trip through space in my 1930s-inspired sci-fi epic romp through the galaxy in Classic Game Room Adventures, coming out this fall."

More World's Fair Books? "We've had a lot of requests to dig even deeper into the 1893 World's Fair. I mined all of the books that I could find a few years ago, but we might be doing something in the coming months based on the Omega Ronin animation engine. Keep an eye on the site."

Classic Game Room updates

CGR Shorts will continue on TikTok and YouTube as Mark continues the series in its 25th year with the popular clip-style videos. Classic Game Room 2085 moves to monthly production. The review of Robocop for PS5 is slated for February 29.

Update October 25, 2023

Has it really been since July that I updated the news!??

Wow. A lot has been going on.

Classic Game Room 2085 Season 1 Master Collection Blu-Rays are in. Get yours today and enjoy 15 hours of the biggest CGR show ever, remastered from the original source files for this 4-disc set.

Omega Ronin: Iron Metropolis CDs are in. Streaming music is dumb. Enjoy this stylish and collectible audiophile release on your high-end CD player of choice on good speakers and hear what Omega Ronin is all about.

Omega Ronin Cosmic Starfighter is delayed on streaming services. There's no exciting reason, but we'll be officially releasing the album in November instead of October. You can still buy the album on Bandcamp right now!

The Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering books are delayed until November/December.

Ethel 3 is delayed.

CGR Drink Coasters and Beer Steins are in! Prost!

Update July 19, 2023

The next four volumes of our Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering series will be rolling out this August and September. Thank you for your patience! They're really big 🙂

Ethel the Cyborg Ninja #3 and the Ethel Hardcover Trilogy should be out by end of summer. Mark has been busy.

A new 3-Disc Omega Ronin album is in development. There might even be a CD release at the end of the year.

Classic Game Room 2085 Season 1 Blu-Rays, drink coasters, and the 1-liter Steins should be available in November.

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Update June 23, 2023

After many years, Classic Game Room glassware finally returns!!!

We just restocked inventory with brand-new 16oz and 12oz "Insert Beer Output Fun" drinking glasses. The 16oz glass is nearly identical to the old one we made back in the day, so if you need more or want to add to your collection, get that one.

The 12oz glass is for smaller pours or tighter shelf space. They're all well-made and look great!

CGR 16oz Glass

CGR 12oz Glass

We'll be getting the Limited Edition 1-Liter CGR 2085 Beer Steins in soon.

I'm looking into some other glassware styles, but this is the first stuff out the gate, y'all. We're taking orders through our eBay store to facilitate shipping and whatnot. You can always check out our ebay store HERE.

Classic Game Room resumes production... in a new and exciting way! Shorty shorts!

Classic Game Room is the longest-running Internet video game review show in the world. For that reason alone, I always thought it was a shame to discontinue it, but unfortunately, back in 2018, many viewers complained that we didn't embrace live-streaming or reaction videos, financing imploded, and YouTube cut 90% of the ad revenue which ended it quickly. I've written about this before in the show's History section.

The closure of the Classic Game Room video production studio in 2019 led to CGR Publishing and here we are. Free from the constraints of a miserable, awful, hate-for-profit social media monopoly. But, oh wait... what's that? YT treated creators like garbage and they left for TikTok? People got sick of hate, attention-seeking yelling and screaming, and manufactured drama, and they also all left for TikTok? Wow.... it's like I called that a decade ago.

Now it's 2023. I never thought I would produce videos again, but here we are, Classic Game Room is making videos again. I'm as surprised as you are.

I'm already hearing the misinformation from people desperate to hear that something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. All is well here in the CGR Publishing land, but to my surprise, people want Classic Game Room back and apparently, they'll watch it! How did this happen? Well, in part I think people genuinely miss the days when creators made real edited content for YouTube. Additionally.... it's a long story.

In short, I launched a huge marketing plan a few years ago to market products but avoid paying hate-for-profit social media companies. So, instead of paying garbage platforms to boost sales, I put that money into synthesizers and made up a bunch of bands. This sounds pretty stupid, but sometimes stupid ideas are the best because out of this mess I ended up with hours of awesome background music which is gold for a video editor. Instead of burning through $2000 of ads in six months, Omega Ronin bought a Juno-X which will last until the end of time.

Videos started to trickle out, and I worked with the format over the past year or so until it made sense. It evolved in unexpected ways. Omega Ronin and 80s Comics opened up the door to TikTok content which led to me tinkering with other things, unpacking the old CGR collection, and launching some new shows on TikTok and Instagram. That led to YouTube shorts and maybe even some longer YouTube content. Also, the CGR 2085 Blu-Rays are getting made.

Instead of being trapped on one platform, Classic Game Room (and the other shows) are running on up to three platforms at once and growing. I was kinda in-between creative projects and the timing seemed right. So far it's been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed seeing a positive response. Clearly, we sell shirts, books, and glassware based on the series, so it fits right in here.

Will this lead to a complete CGR return of daily reviews? Honestly, probably not. The classic "Classic Game Room" format was terribly inefficient to produce and took a lot of time. I can't take the time to do it full-time, but I can tinker with shorts and make Blu-Ray films. So, I'm making it up as I go along. As long as people seem to enjoy it, the shorts and related content can continue. If you'd prefer hate and apology videos, then it will end.

There are plans to make Classic Game Room 2085 Season 2 to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary in 2024. Beyond that, I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'm launching a huge, new Omega Ronin series on the Omega Ronin channels soon. I'll be working with the music, video, and animation to guide viewers through the start-to-finish process which may even result in a print manga and vinyl album. Follow @omegaroninmusic on YouTube and @OmegaRonin on TikTok

Update June 14, 2023

Ay yo. My college friends yelled and screamed at me until I finally decided to release all of the CGR Publishing produced videos on YouTube as shorts. Yes, I was bribed with beer. That's how professionals roll. They're like "it's good marketing, just do it!" and I'm all like "they suck, they demonetized me shit, yo, what's in it for me?" and they poured beer and here we are. So for those of you who refuse to watch TikTok or Instagram, well, here you go.... I hope my beer was worth it.

You can see Classic Game Room here:

CGR 2085 Season 1 Master Collection Blu-Ray Set! (Mockup Graphic)

Update May 25, 2023

Good news everyone! We launched the new Kickstarter campaign to help get the CGR 2085 Season 1 Blu-Ray project off the ground. This will be a totally remastered version of Classic Game Room, straight off the original drives. Includes four region-free Blu-Ray discs, a case (signed by Mark if you'd like), and 15 freakin' hours of CGR 2085!!!!

Assuming it gets funded we'll be shipping by September of 2023! That's this year!

Update May 17, 2023

Hello friends, we’re rebooting the way that we are going to Kickstart CGR 2085 Blu-Rays and the Season 2. Instead of doing it all at once, we’re going to do it in smaller segments.

I created some confusion after launching our Kickstarter to fund CGR 2085 Blu-Rays and second season and then canceling it. It was a huge job, and it became clear that the marketing messages were very difficult to explain and I grew concerned about the way that I combined too many budgets and moving parts into one project. Out of an abundance of caution, I canceled the job before anyone got billed. In the words of Han Solo, sorry ‘bout the mess (tosses money to bartender)

Instead of doing CGR 2085 all at once (8 blu-rays, 6 months production, packaging, glassware, etc…) we’re going to break it up into segments and move ahead.

We will likely launch another, much smaller Kickstarter soon to fund production costs for CGR 2085 Season 1 Blu-Rays (and the beer steins!) Instead of shipping in 2024, I plan to have them ready this year in 2023.

We will be restocking the old school glassware this summer.

We are moving ahead with the Classic Game Room shows on Instagram and TikTok.

Mark (me) is planning to stretch the filming plans for CGR 2085 into late 2024 to give the project more room to breathe and coincide with the Classic Game Room 25th Anniversary! It’s going to be amazing. Stay tuned.

Update May 12, 2023

Hello, things happen so fast around here. After staring at data sheets for a few days and not liking the direction of the Kickstarter I decided to discontinue it after it hit 15%. Producing 15 new hours of content and eight blu-rays was perhaps a bit ambitious.

I could have dug in and tried like hell to market it, but it immediately became a distraction from other things that I need to do. Hearing "Blu-Ray? I haven't bought a Blu-Ray in ten years!" didn't really help either. I get it.

Regardless, I am continuing to make the CGR Instagram and TikTok shows which are free and totally fun and give me an excuse to scratch that goofball CGR itch without investing in thousands of crates of inventory and production schedules. So, the set is back and Truxton 2 is up. We're good to go so long as the videos are 60 seconds and don't require a week-long edit!


Update May 10, 2023

Hooray! The Classic Game Room 2085 Season 2 Kickstarter is live! You can see it and order yours HERE.

Is it possible that CGR 2085 will continue for another 12-hours season plus 3-hours of extras on Blu-Ray and digital download? We shall see. The Kickstarter just launched and we'll slowly be spreading the word throughout the month. This will tell once and for all if there is demand for edited content created in the Intergalactic Space Arcade. If it works, awesome! If not, fear not. We'll still be here. That's what Kickstarter is for.

I have secured some filming rights at an arcade and got a thumbs-up from a major pinball company regarding some stuff. A friend helped to repair the Truxton 2 board which should be arriving soon (obviously, a premier review!) I'm working to secure locations for Robotron filming and other arcade games.

If it looks like it'll make it, I'll start production asap with some pinball machines nearby and set up the studio (which is half set up right now.) The editing, CGI, music, and all that stuff are already in place. CGR 2085 season 1 remastering is ready to go, but that Kickstarter has to hit it first.

Now, there is a good chance that people will say "we want it free." That's really unfortunate that so many people see something on the internet and assume that because it's free that it was free to make. But, there's not much I can do about that. I can make a TikTok in 30 seconds. CGR 2085 takes months. So, here we are. Perhaps another saga of Classic Game Room is about to be written.

You can thank Omega Ronin and 80s Comics for bringing the idea back into my head. I kinda assumed I was retired from filmmaking, but it's like riding a bike. And I love biking.

In other news:

Omega Ronin: Collision Course dropped on May 5th! Give it a listen! The next album is already in production.

Update April 22, 2023

Lots going on these days. First off, the new Omega Ronin album is in final mixing. No release date yet, but it's pretty rad. Probably within a month or so.

Ethel the Cyborg NInja #3 and the Hardcover Trilogy Special Edition are in final edits also. They're slowly creeping toward the finish line.

Mark unpacked some of the Classic Game Room collection while building the 80s Comics set and archive room. Following the blueprint set by the 80s Comics clip show on TikTok, he is now producing CGR 2282, a quirky short-form daily show with classic gaming goodness and other related nonsense.

"The collection has been boxed up for nearly five years, it would be a shame to not use it for something. Times have changed, and while most gaming content has gone live streaming, I think some of us just enjoy a good quick burst of nostalgia. Even if it's something as simple as turning on an Atari game or checking out the keyboard on an MSX. In that respect, TikTok and Instagram work pretty well. I'm pleasantly surprised to see the response has been so good.

To be clear, to head off any conspiracy theories, CGR is not returning to the old format or going on YouTube. Even if I wanted to I can't take the time because I have a different job now. Also, I don't want to. It didn't work, it's an awful platform, and it's just not going to happen.

However, here's what might happen. I am looking into CGR 2085 Season 1 Blu-rays. That's totally feasible if there is demand. I know there is some demand, but I don't know much. Blu-rays are pretty expensive to make. I'm putting something together. CGR 2085 was the 2018-produced big-budget show on Amazon, it's my favorite (it's still on Amazon.) I had to pull the plug because the production company overhead nearly sunk the entire business. But that was then, this is now. CGR isn't precariously balanced on top of a tech monopoly that demonetizes videos at random anymore. We're free to do what we want.

People like physical media. Physical media lasts forever. We do a great job with physical media. There have been requests for the CGR Supreme Series, and by extension (I guess), everything, on Blu-ray. That's a stretch, but the Supreme masters are in great shape and it's a maybe.

Regarding an all-new CGR 2085 Season 2, that's something that came up as a self-contained project on physical media. My main interest in the 2085 series is filmmaking and making a great film. It's unclear to me if 2023 is a year when people are finally sick of live streaming and influencers and ready to embrace editing and filmmaking again, or if short-form clips and headsets-in-front-of-green-screens really are the future. I'm pretty out of touch. We're looking into it. There's this little window of time right now when I'm in-between big print projects."

Update April 19, 2023

I didn't think we would, but we've had a lot of requests to release Blu-Rays of CGR 2085 and the CGR Supreme Series lately. It is something that we're looking into.

There are no specific details regarding anything beyond I'm looking at it seriously. The content has all been preserved and would be great on Blu-Ray. It's a we'll see.


Update April 18, 2023

It's release day! In more ways than one 🙂

New Turbo Volcano album drops on all music services. It's my favorite to date, check it out.

Turbo Volcano: Covert Tiki Robot Maneuvers in Galaxy Tomorrow.

And.... we decided to roll the 80s Comics set into a new CGR clip series about nostalgia and good times called CGR 2282. Following in the footsteps of our successful 80s Comics series on TikTok, it'll be good times and easy listening. You can see it on TikTok and Instagram. (We're still working out the update bugs and whatnot.)

Follow on TikTok - Classic Game Room (@classicgameroom) | TikTok

The CGR stuff was all in storage, so we may as well share it with a new audience who may not be familiar with wood grain and Vectrex. Don't expect talking or reviews, nobody wants that anymore. Not even me. Expect fun good times and an absurd storyline about robots. If it doesn't work out then whatever, Omega Ronin and 80s Comics are leading the way. This time CGR gets to piggyback on something else for once 🙂 It's a breath of fresh air for Edit-Station 1.

Update April 8, 2023

The newest full-length album from Turbo Volcano called Covert Tiki Robot Maneuvers in Galaxy Tomorrow drops April 18 on all streaming services.

Covert Tiki Robot Maneuvers in Galaxy Tomorrow | CGR Publishing

"Tiki Robot is the biggest Turbo Volcano album in terms of sound design. I spent a few months putting it together because I was a bit short on studio time in the spring, so instead of finishing the album I fiddled with it for a long time and built a dense layer of synthesizers that move and flow during each song. If you like electronica you'll love Tiki Robot.

Follow Turbo Volcano on TIkTok for (soon to be) daily updates. TurboVolcano (@turbovolcano) | TikTok

"Tik Tok has worked really for us lately. It's a great way to check out little clips if you're into the techy side of synthesizers and whatnot. It has taken me a while to get into the flow, but [we're] putting up a lot of stuff now about the music and combining it with the new suite of drawing books coming out this year under the Turbo Volcano brand. That was my plan all along I guess, I think music and drawing work really well together, but I had to re-think the way that I produce content for TikTok compared to the old-fashioned way I used to make things. It's a mind f*ck for those of us with real filmmaking experience because we need to unravel everything we know and approach it from a new perspective. Check out channel, it's pretty relaxed."

"As far as the rest of social media I dunno, that's my professional response. I find it all exhausting. Just delete it all from your phone and look around and listen to the birds or something, it makes life better." - Mark

The next Omega Ronin album is in production.

Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 3 is nearing completion. Release date TBD, but it's pretty soon.

Update March 19, 2023

80s Comics: Ultimate 1980s Comic Book Review Guide Volume 1 is out! Hardcover and softcover editions.

1889 Paris World's Fair: The Exposition Universelle in Illustrations Volume 2 is out! Hardcover and softcover.

We're wrapping up Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering Volume 4 this month.

Mark Bussler is putting the finishing touches on the hardcover trilogy editions of Ethel the Cyborg Ninja and Robot Kitten Factory. "Issue 3 (of both series) is being completed and will get a release as a floppy, kindle, and in the enlarged hardcover editions." Look for these new books at the end of March or early April.

The Omega Ronin manga series is in production. "The TikTok channel is paused as I wrap up a few other projects. I like to keep things running daily, but I need to reset the way we're doing some of the animation. Hang in there."

@80sComics and @TurboVolcano are running on TikTok. "The new Turbo Volcano music and art stuff is coming to the TikTok channel soon, maybe this week. I had to rethink the way that I was producing video content and decide if it was even worth the time. TikTok is massive, it's bigger than all the other social media platforms combined (it's no wonder the legacy tech companies want it banned.) The audience potential is enormous, and it's great to see people enjoying the comic book clips. I'm digging it."

New drawing instructional books are in development. A new book series about English history is in development. We're wrapping up a trilogy of antique books about abbeys and castles, more info soon.

New Turbo Volcano and Omega Ronin albums are in final mixing. "I'm trying to wrap my head around how to shoot it. Everything kinda needs a video element, but traditional filmmaking doesn't work, so everything has to be little clips and one-shots. It's hard to rethink the entire process. I'm still setting up some LEDs and stuff to show the drum machines next to the synthesizers and whatnot. It's  fun to look at all the blinky lights."

"Of course, this brings up the question, will the Classic Game Room show ever return on TikTok? No. I don't ever want to be a presenter again. I didn't like the business at all, in fact, I hated it. But I did see a bunch of people on TikTok with an Atari and an old TV playing 80s music. That's what CGR was pioneering back in the day. Maybe I should have become a guru influencer or makeup tutorial channel. No thanks.

Anyway, I still like the vibe of plugging a game into an old Atari. The show's collection is still boxed up and locked in storage, but sadly I had to part with my 5200, 7800, Vectrex and Genesis collection to save my business, but I have a ton of Atari 2600. Wood grain and Neo-Geo make the world a better place, maybe the short-form upbeat style of TikTok is a new perspective. I don't play non-arcade games anymore, but the aesthetic of flipping switches on an Atari still brings back memories."

Update February 20, 2023

CGR Publishing is pleased to announce the release of:

Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering Volume 3

Bussler is working on the restoration process for Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering Volumes 4-8.

Bussler is also working to release the first volume in the 80s Comics Collector Guide Series soon (title TBD)

The team broke ground on our eight-volume set about the History of England.

Several new art book series are in development. Details coming soon.

The second volume of our 1889 Paris World's Fair book is nearly complete. Expect to see some cover images and release details soon.

Ethel 3, Omega Ronin (the Manga) 1, and Robot Kitten Factory 3 are all in production. No release details just yet.

New Omega Ronin and Turbo Volcano albums are in final mixing. Release details soon.

Update January 29, 2023

CGR Publishing is pleased to announce the release of:

Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering Volume 1

Classic Trains and Railroad Engineering Volume 2

Old Time Kitchen Volume 2

Bussler is working to wrap up Ethel the Cyborg Ninja #3 in February and make way for the new Omega Ronin manga series!

Update January 5, 2023

"Happy New Year from CGR Publishing. I'm still digging out from the end-of-year mayhem that goes along with publishing and shipping but starting to dive into the new projects for 2023. Lots of new books inbound on a variety of subjects. Music and video are also in production.

Exciting news from Omega Ronin and 80s Comics. I re-launched two of our TikTok channels with new content and tripled our subscribers in a week, which is pretty exciting around here! Didn't expect that. Previously I patted myself on the back for losing 50,000 subscribers which I wear as a badge of accomplishment.

I'm digging the positive vibes on TikTok, even though I don't understand any of it. We'll be uploading daily 80sComics content @80sComics soon (still filming the backlog) and ramping up Omega Ronin production. I'm using 3D graphics and filmmaking trickery to launch the Omega Ronin manga and animation series to complement the music. You can follow @OmegaRonin on TikTok, it's just getting started. Manga, video, and print info will be available soon on the websites.

80s Comics! Stop by daily for new full-length articles and videos about classic comics and manga, as well as some new stuff. The 80s Comics print series will roll out later this year. Omega Ronin is making the music for all of the 1980s-inspired 80s Comics videos which take place inside the virtual 3D set being built for Omega Ronin. Note the cuts from the 3D set with arcade games to the current studio suite with arcade games.

Omega Ronin! I'm working on new albums along with the video series in production. A 3D world is under construction for set design and location work for the upcoming manga series. It is also being used for a video series that you can see on the website and on TikTok. I'll be mixing some of the animations with the songs in development, it's rad to the max.

The upcoming book releases will start to pop up on the front of this website very soon. Wrapping up a new cookbook, world's fair book, and starting a new series on trains. And more!

We have discontinued using Twitter because it is a hate-filled pile of garbage. I'm looking at Mastodon. I'm discontinuing all YouTube content. Please follow our channels on TikTok @80sComics @OmegaRonin. All upcoming professionally produced widescreen videos for Omega Ronin and 80s Comics will be available as physical media like Blu-Ray and digital download from our website. More info soon.

CGR Publishing music is available on all music streaming services such as Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Beatport, and more. New Omega Ronin, Turbo Volcano, and Echo Daydream songs are in development."

Update December 28, 2022

Producer and director, Mark Bussler, is rebooting 80s Comics in 2023 with a brand new series featuring the best of 1980s comics and manga combined with Edit-Station 1's charm, wit, and terrible personality.

"I'm rebooting the 80s Comics video series to compliment the website and new articles. The old series was a lot of fun to make, but I got pulled into some bigger print projects and had to shift my focus. This time around, thanks to Omega Ronin and the new animated series and manga in production, 80s Comics can shine in the same synthwave universe that you'll be reading about in print soon. I'm launching it on TikTok and as a website exclusive. Edit-Station 1 will be handling the directing, performance, and editing once I prep the series for daily or every-other-day production. You'll also get to see some of the rough animated clips for Omega Ronin mixed in, combined with music in development. It'll be a good time. I'm sure it'll evolve quickly once we start working on it."

"I was hoping to bring it back early 2022, but the studio took a while to build and I got into 3D animating to compliment the music videos and it just kinda came together. Like everyone else, we're dropping YouTube and going with TikTok. I'm pretty sure it'll be an interesting mix with the demographic, but I like the optimism and positive vibe on TikTok. I'd love to inspire some younger viewers to start collecting baller comics like Sectaurs and MERC. If you're over 40 and still watching on VHS, you can also see the videos on along with some widescreen original content. I've got my eye on a Blu-Ray / Laser Disc cut too."

"Personally, I find the vertical aspect ratio a bit odd to film, but it works well for the comic books now that I'm seeing edits. It'll be fun and quirky, nothing more serious than that."

Music in the 80s Comics series will be scored and performed by Bussler's synthwave band, Omega Ronin.

Series debuts on TikTok @80sComics and at

Update December 27, 2022

"First and foremost I wish everyone a happy holiday season, merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, blessed Lord Karnage Appreciation Day, and festive whatever it is you may or may not celebrate. Have a safe new year and enjoy yourself, have fun with friends and family! Drink beer. Play Pac-Man. Watch Robocop. Listen to Ministry and White Zombie turned up to 11. This is the way." - Mark

"The news for 2023 is all good (at least I hope it is!) CGR Publishing has loads of products in production ranging from books about trains, to manga about broken computers and singers from the future going back in time to 1982, to some great drawing instruction guides for artists of all ages. We've also got sh-tloads (it's a family site) of Turbo Volcano and Omega Ronin in production.

And also 80s Comics. New reviews every other day. Maybe some video on the way....?"

Something is amiss at

What is even happening????
What is even happening????

What pairs well with Conan? Beer.
What pairs well with Conan? Beer.


Update December 17, 2022

There are big plans in 2023 to release a wealth of new print and music content. Mark is busy working on an eight-volume set of antique railroading books, the second Paris 1889 World's Fair book, a new cookbook, and a series of manga and drawing instruction titles.

"I decided to regroup and re-focus on a few historical projects after completing the jobs from 2021-2022. The trolley book, Old Time Kitchen, and the Paris book turned out great, but it took a few years to assemble the material for those releases. I'm hitting the ground running in '23 with a bunch of really big historical jobs. There are also numerous art and music releases in the pipeline. Updates will be posted here on this website."

"There a few video projects in development for Tik Tok. We'll see where things go from there, but I'm heavily invested in some new 3D animation projects to enhance the upcoming Omega Ronin manga series."

"The upcoming drawing instruction books and videos have also been in development for a while. It took some time to wrap my head around what makes them unique and special, but I think I'm there now and enjoying some daily illustration work."

The first Omega Ronin manga installment is planned for Kindle in January/February. "Omega Ronin the Manga will be debuting on Kindle in a (roughly) 22-page format. It's already behind schedule due to the holiday shipping mayhem and some hardware issues with the 3D modeling, but it's chugging along. I'm planning for it to be really detailed. I miss doing detailed work. I miss hiding beer cans and cigarette boxes in the backgrounds of every shot. If you enjoyed Geof Darrow's Hard Boiled, Blade Runner, and like Jem and the Holograms, I think you'll love Omega Ronin. Edit-Station 1 is in it, what's not to like? It'll be quite unexpected, actually."

"It's possible that 80s Comics will get a revival this year on Tik Tok. It won't be the same the old series, I'm not wasting my time doing voice work anymore, but there's so much amazing art and so many great characters in 80s comic books that it's a shame not to find some way to celebrate them with a new audience on Tik Tok who didn't grow up with G.I. Joe, Sectaurs, and Mark Hazzard: MERC. The camera has been set up for a few weeks, actually! Between dodging a few illnesses and the holiday rush, I just haven't had a chance to really dig in and start shooting stuff yet. Omega Ronin and 80s Comics are going to be great together."

"When it comes to music, I'm pleased to report that things are all heading in the right direction. The music business is way more fun than I expected. The music also has a home in the upcoming CGR video projects, it's win all around. Expect a lot more Omega Ronin and Turbo Volcano."

A new Omega Ronin album is scheduled for December 30 on all streaming services.

A new Turbo Volcano album is scheduled for December 31 on all streaming services.

Stay tuned in 2023 for lots of great stuff!

Update December 8, 2022

Greetings all. It's your holiday update from Mark! Happy holidays, merry Christmas, splendid Lord Karnage Appreciation Day (Dec. 32nd.)

When I'm not running around dealing with fulfillment issues this time of year, I'm in pre-production on Omega Ronin 2023. The synthwave band / project will continue with much music and a big spin-off in print and digital. More updates coming soon as it nears a series launch in early 2023. Vinyl is also on the table.

New Omega Ronin and Turbo Volcano albums are in production as the sound gets supersized for next year. The studio expansion is complete and humming along.

If "Project Omega Ronin" works out (there's a lot of system and workflow stuff behind the scenes, blah blah blah), I'm looking at possibly bringing back some older entertainment jobs like Magnum Skywolf, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, and the drawing videos based on said projects. Stay posted. There's a lot going on in the art department right now in the development stage.

Some projects are getting canceled, including plans for the Old Time Kitchen video and podcast series. I was unable to secure a filming location within my budget, and by the time I started to engineer it as a podcast, Omega Ronin locked in its position as my primary creative project for '23. The older CGR podcast (and any upcoming podcasts) are canceled and deleted. CGR X GT7 videos are canceled.

The second volume of the Paris 1889 World's Fair book remains in production but behind schedule. You can look forward to it in spring 2023.

I haven't been active on hate-filled social media for a while. For years I've been yelling about the way that social media companies boost hate and misinformation content and squash non-mainstream (non-paying) art. A lot of people have caught on to this by now and deleted their twitter, facebook, and Instagram, and things are starting to flip back. People have been asking for "real creative content" again! Imagine that. Art instead of hate. What a thing.... The other day someone said they enjoyed a video instead of demanding an apology video based on conspiracy theories! It's like science fiction.

Thankfully, we positioned ourselves to go around social media, so feel free to delete it all, doesn't affect us. All real CGR Publishing updates can be read right here and in the CGR Publishing Newsletter.

There will be new books coming out in 2023. Stay tuned. I'm working on a catalog of 2023 jobs right now.

There might be an 80s Comics Version 2.0 in development. We'll have to wait and see how the production workflows shake things up in the winter.

Have a safe and happy holiday season,

Mark & CGR Publishing


Update November 22, 2022

Greetings! We hope this update finds you all well! Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Lord Karnage Appreciation Day. It's that time of year again. The time of year when we cuddle up with family by the hearth and watch tender holiday movies like Robocop. I'd buy that for a dollar.

The big news is that 2023 will be the year of Omega Ronin. Bussler is in the recording studio mixing new synthwave tracks inspired by 1970s computers and TV shows centered in 1984 Miami. He's also back behind the drawing board, working on a new color manga based on Omega Ronin music and the fictional synthwave universe in which it exists. The untitled project will be multi-platform, digital, and print. Expect a combination of hand-drawn art and 3D modeling work. Expect to see something in early 2023.

Omega Ronin, the band, is taking over the entire CGR Publishing business in 2023. You can look forward to many roaring synthesizers, pounding drums, lasers, sentient, emotional robots, and more. A video series is in production.

The existing CGR Publishing catalog will continue, and we expect to increase our sales presence in new outlets.

New Omega Ronin and Turbo Volcano albums are in production for the end of 2022. Turbo Volcano will continue in 2023 with "lots of weird-ass shit."

"We have a lot of art books in the work for 2023. I can't say what they are right now, but the power of synthwave is strong. This is the groove you're looking for." Bussler

Please celebrate this great news by watching CGR's favorite Christmas movies: Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Robocop, and Predator.


Update November 9, 2022

The newest full-length Omega Ronin album drops today titled A New Hope Never Fades! Check out a new collection of synthwave music from the future of 1985 as an album from iTunes to own or to stream on your favorite music services.

Turbo Volcano is releasing more of its new music as EPs (smaller collections of songs) at the moment while crafting a new sound that combines electronica and industrial with analog and digital instruments. The next full-length release will be in '23. Airlock to Nowhere was released a few weeks ago, and An Obsolete Society comes out on November 18.

Bussler is finishing the producing work on new albums from ambient/lo-fi projects Echo Daydream and Moonbeam Infinity. More information and release dates soon.

The newest Seatropica release with a big ambient electronica sound is titled Particle Stream. It's one of our favorites, check it out!

Though CGR has used Twitter for years, it was always a mediocre platform that rewarded hate and extremism before art and creativity. Twitter has reached a new low, and we are permanently done using a hate-for-profit pile of garbage that spreads misinformation for money. We'll post one more update at some point to direct people to our newsletter and maybe our Mastodon. This website and other CGR-owned websites are the only places that you can rely on to get real and accurate CGR updates.

The CGR X GT7 series will continue. Mark is looking into ways to add them to this website so that viewers can enjoy them in a more comfortable and mature non-hate-filled environment that spews misinformation for money. "Sadly, when it comes to video, people only want to use those two apps. I'm doing what I can to go around them, but it's really up to viewers to leave those terrible platforms. It seems folly, I know, but thankfully it's something I can play around with freely since it's just a side project." Bussler

Update October 18, 2022

Give the gift of Gustave Doré mugs, hoodies, and prints this holiday season! Nothing brightens the room like scenes from Dante's Inferno or the Crusades!

We recently released for all of your Gustave Doré clothing and accessory needs. The website is still in its infancy and we're slowly adding our line of clothing, accessories, puzzles, prints, mugs, and more with super-high-resolution Doré imagery scanned with the CGR Publishing art preservation scanners. You can find our Doré products on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

The first Moonbeam Infinity and Kawaii Ocean albums are releasing in October of 2022. If you're looking for chill ambient or upbeat kids music for easy listening, check them out on your music service of choice!

The newest Robot Kitten Factory drops later this month!

The newest Seatopica album is almost here! More on this album soon, but expect a huge wall of ambient electronica sound with Seatropica.

A new Turbo Volcano is in development for the end of the calendar year 2022 or early '23. Mark is also putting together a collection of unreleased early tracks, "b-sides", and remixes of early songs from the first few albums.

A new Omega Ronin album is in development. Maybe Omega Ronin on vinyl. We'll see...

Update September 14, 2022

Merry almost October! We have an exciting album release schedule in the works for late 2022 including new albums from Turbo Volcano, Omega Ronin, and a new act, Robot Kitten Factory.

The upcoming Turbo Volcano is titled No Champagne in the Volcano Room. It's future funk and experimental mayhem.

The upcoming Robot Kitten Factory is titled Every Dimension. It's EDM, dance, and electronica.

More news coming soon.

Update September 4, 2022

Everyone get your 1980s clothes and sunglasses ready, because Omega Ronin's 5th album, Syntax Rhythm, drops tomorrow!

Omega Ronin creator, Mark Bussler, says "This album sounds BIG. That was the goal. To keep the smooth synthwave jams flowing, but to dramatically increase the overall presence of the music. I tried a few new tricks in the production process to drown the listener in waves of glorious 1980s-style synthesizers. You'll be racing to the scene of the crime in your Testarossa in stereo while pounding drums and roaring synths beat up the bad guys for you. That doesn't make any sense at all, but you get the idea..."

Omega Ronin's 6th album is in production.

Turbo Volcano's 6th album is in production.

CGR Publishing / Turbo Volcano / Omega Ronin studio expansion is in progress. "I took the stuff that was going to be used for podcasting and re-tooled the new video production studio into a bigger multi-track recording studio for 2023. We're looking at producing upwards of 100 new albums for '23 in a variety of genres. I'm hoping that we'll do some kind of a video component for the website at least, we'll see. Right now, the focus is on workflow and sound quality. There's going to be a little something for everyone coming up."

"It's also a ton of fun, and that shows up in the music. With all [internet] video being shot on phones these days, creatively, it has really tied my hands. There's no need for editing on TikTok. I discovered that my love for video editing is better served in sound. It's basically the same thing, but with more of a global reach. There's way more going on than I can list here. It's a lot of fun to get behind a mixing board again and stare at waveforms." says Bussler.

CGR Publishing-produced albums are available on all streaming services including Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer.

The CGR Podcast concluded with the recent episode 30. "Thanks for listening. Podcasting seems to be more of a collaborative thing these days, and I'm totally absorbed in producing right now."

CGR Publishing scratch & dent items are going up for sale on ebay in their own category. If you've been looking at a book and want to save big, and don't mind a slight bend in the cover or a dent in the spine, check out CGR Publishing | eBay Stores


Update August 18, 2022

We released: Old Time Kitchen Volume 1: Meats, Vegetables, and More Antique Recipes

We released: 1889 Paris World's Fair: The Exposition Universelle in Illustrations Volume 1

Turbo Volcano releases Ride the Lava on August 22!

Omega Ronin's 5th album is in production.

All Turbo Volcano albums are now available for high-quality MP3 download. Own your favorite songs forever!

All Turbo Volcano and Omega Ronin albums are being uploaded to YouTube for listening in video and audio format.

The Turbo Volcano video series is in production.

Update July 17, 2022

We are preparing to roll out a few new books and HUNDREDS of new clothing designs over the next few months. Writer Mark Bussler is completing books on antique cooking and the Paris World's Fair of 1889.  Updates will hit the front page as we get them.

Mark is charging full-speed ahead on a variety of new clothing and product designs. "We're working with a few new brands in 2022 to create designs based on birds, butterflies, monsters, old logos, and more. These products will be available on globally. You'll also find them on Ebay, Etsy, and soon, our other outlets."

Turbo Volcano's next full-length album is in development. Creator, Bussler says "The next album is big, ambitious, and very interesting. Turbo Volcano is an experimental project, at least in respect to the album releases, so expect it to be a fun listen and pretty out there." A new and refreshed website is coming soon to better highlight the music and Turbo Volcano brand clothing designs.

Bussler is in the newly completed studio working on hundreds of upcoming product commercials, many of which will feature existing and new Turbo Volcano songs.

New Omega Ronin, Old Time Kitchen, and Seatropica songs are also in the works. "The fifth Omega Ronin album should be out by end of summer. The team is in the development phase of an all-new website for it."

The CGR Podcast featuring Turbo Volcano will conclude with the upcoming episode 30 and get rebranded as a cooking podcast moving forward. Bussler says, "The podcast recording has been good fun, but I'm pretty sure nobody wants to hear me talk techie stuff about drum machines and fountain pens every week. I think it'll be better if it focuses on one thing and delivers practical information, so I'm retooling it and rebranding it as a cooking podcast based on my upcoming book series. So, basically the same thing, but with something useful."

Our upcoming new video series are slowly entering the production phase in the new CGR studio space. Look for bits and pieces as they emerge.

Lots more coming soon, including some sales on b-stock items and new product bundles.


Update April 15, 2022

How about an update already!?

Lots going on at CGR Publishing in 2022. We released several new books on subjects ranging from antique cars, trolleys, cat postcards, drawing instruction, and more! Check out our newest releases on the front page. There are many more in the works.

Two new video series are in development. Mark Bussler is producing a new drawing instruction series for TikTok that can be viewed on the @TurboVolcano channel.

CGR Publishing expands into music publishing with the release of three new albums that can be heard on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, YouTube Music, Pandora, and other music streaming services. See the newest releases on the front page and in the music section of the website as we develop it.

Thank you!

January 7, 2022

Good morning from space! Big news week here at CGR.

Mark joins the new Toaplan film in production as English narrator for All Your Base Are Belong to Toaplan. Produced and directed by Joseph Pierce, edited by Shmup Junkie, and featuring the creators of Truxton, Fire Shark, Hellfire, and more --- You can see trailers and back the blu-rays and digital downloads on Kickstarter.

Watch the video version of the CGR Podcast #8 right here on CGR.

In other news, the first 80s Comics review filmed in Future Year 1982 just went live. Mark is working in the new Intergalactic Space Arcade and bringing some inane comic book reviews into space with him. 80s Comics is a website exclusive. Watch it ad-free at

The Turbo Volcano sound starts to emerge as new keyboards and synthesizers are hooked up to the Intergalactic Space Arcade. You can hear clips of music and experimental tracks in CGR Podcasts, 80s Comics, and Turbo Volcano videos. See more as it emerges at

Bussler continues to wrap up the latest issues of Robot Kitten Factory, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, Retromegatrex, and his new Paris World's Fair books. More on those as they release in 2022 (aka Future Year 1982.) He is also working on a cookbook series. 1982 is going to be the best year ever!

The CGR Podcast is off to a great start. We just upgraded recording equipment for Episode 9. We're making stickers and flyers for website and ebay orders! Get ready to stick a Turbo Volcano sticker somewhere where it needs to be stuck.

Update December 18, 2021

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all the joyous good tidings from your friends at CGR. Lots going on here. LOTS.

We started a weekly Podcast. You can now listen to Mark ramble on incoherently about projects, art, Star Wars, and the upcoming Operation Turbo Volcano. What is Operation Turbo Volcano? The first rule of Operation Turbo Volcano is not to talk about Operation Turbo Volcano.

We'll number the news items since they're all big.

  1. We're expanding our operations in 2022 to provide wider product and warehouse coverage for Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Ebay, Etsy, and more. We understand there was some difficulty in getting our hardcovers in 2021, and we'll be fixing that like ED-209 fixes parking violations.
  2. The new CGR Publishing Studio is under construction for expanded marketing efforts and product videos. Along with that comes some other fun things like a place to finally set up all of our arcade games. Pac-Man anyone?
  3. Operation Turbo Volcano is a thing. It's an enigmatic thing, but a thing nonetheless. You'll be hearing and seeing more about Turbo Volcano here and on the soon to be revised Turbo Volcano website. (this does not affect the clothing brand at all. Our shirts and hoodies will continue to be sold through Amazon under the Turbo Volcano brand.) You will soon be able to listen to Turbo Volcano while wearing Turbo Volcano while shouting Turbo Volcano from within a Turbo Volcano.
  4. The CGR Podcast featuring Turbo Volcano is running weekly. Mark is enjoying getting back into audio recording and music. Upcoming podcast topics include 80s Comics, Star Wars & Star Trek, Turbo Volcano sonic soothing sounds from space, and more.
  5. 80s Comics videos are likely to return. Bussler is looking at making a weekly 80s Comics professionally produced review show in the new studio because it's awesome and his 80s Comics review guide books will launch in 2022. This is planned to be an 80s Comics / CGR website exclusive via our Vimeo channel in 4K.
  6. Turbo Volcano launches on TikTok. Yes, we're also confused. Look for short music clips and random arcade game footage. @TurboVolcano
  7. Our marketing team is starting to work out a new social media plan for 2022. You may see more posts on Twitter via @TurboVolcano and @80sComics and @ClassicGameRoom we're still working it out. We own those accounts, so the info posted on them is authentic.
  8. There are no plans to resume the Classic Game Room show on YouTube. Please enjoy the existing videos and the collections. According to Mark, "It was fun at the time. Sadly, I don't have time to learn new games and record footage anymore, nor do I have any interest in live streaming or reaction videos. However, you will likely see some new CGR content here based on the archival collection. I'm building the new studio with a variety of photo staging locations including the Intergalactic Space Arcade. Look for some old friends like the R-Zone, Neo-Geo CD, Atari 2600, TI-99, MSX, Vectrex, arcade games, and more. I wouldn't rule out some arcade and pinball reviews in the future, but nothing concrete is planned. I'm no longer producing films or documentaries, but since the gear is here again... well, we'll see. Watch the CGR Studio page and listen to the podcast for updates."
  9. Follow Turbo Volcano on Soundcloud here Stream Turbo Volcano music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud - it will likely be a few months off before you hear finished content, but sub up and great ready for a time-traveling space warp through 1982.
  10. Follow CGR Publishing on Etsy for original art. Not only we will be selling our art guides and classic art books on Etsy, but Mark will also be posting some original pen and ink drawings and watercolors based on a variety of subjects.
  11. We have discontinued international shipping outside of the U.S. from this website. If you want one of the DVDs or Laser Sets, please buy them from our Ebay store who will coordinate the international shipping. We would like to direct our international book shoppers to Amazon who can coordinate international shipping.
  12. We will restock our in-house inventory for domestic shipping in 2022. Please follow our newsletter to learn about coupons and any upcoming specials.
  13. Our Centipede machine has a dirty trak-ball. Mark needs to fix it.
  14. If Mark Bussler doesn't electrocute himself while fixing Centipede (though that would be a funny TikTok), he will be releasing a large assortment of books in 2022. This list will likely change a bit (it always does), but readers can look forward to sets of books on the 1889 Paris World's Fair and 1900 Paris World's Fair, a book on trolleys and cable cars, classic cars, and an antique road trip, the 80s Comics series, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 3 and the Ethel hardcover trilogy, Robot Kitten Factory 3 and the 1st trilogy, How to Draw Men's Eyes Inspired by Classic Illustrations, How to Draw Hands Inspired by Classic Illustrations, a 10-volume set on 19th-century Locomotive engineering, Omega Ronin, and a super-retro antique cookbook series (with possible video series!?) Who wants to see Mark drink egg wine and light himself on fire while making ox brain aspic?


Update November 11, 2021

Supply line issues slow hardcover printing. Order early for Christmas!

We recently released hardcover special edition versions of most of our biggest books - but of course, they've run right into supply line issues that affect the raw materials used to construct them. Hardcovers are still being printed but the lead-time is about 2-3 weeks. Order your hardcovers from Amazon now and you should receive them with time to spare.

Mark Bussler releases The Art of Ferdinand von Reznicek Volume 1!

Bussler (our president, lead cover designer, and sommelier) brings it back from the 1890s with a stunning, full-color collection of prints, paintings, and illustrations from Austrian artist, Ferdinand von Reznicek. If you like outrageous drawings of dancing, parties, and drunken late nights in 1899, then you'll love this book. Reznicek was a famous contributor to many German magazines in the late 19th-century, and went on some fame, but died young and sadly failed to reach his full potential. Enjoy this hilarious look at the work of a talented painter and illustrator with translated captions from his contemporary German collections. Softcover and Hardcover available from

The Art of Ferdinand von Reznicek Volume 1

Bussler releases How to Draw Womens' Eyes: Inspired by Classic Illustrations Volume 1

Not one to sit still for very long, Bussler also releases the first part of a drawing instruction series based on classic illustrations from the 1800s. Borrow the models from the best illustrators in France from 1890 and learn how to draw eyes from ultra-high-resolution scans. This entertaining series re-imagines drawing instruction and provides ample contemporary engravings for inspiration.

How to Draw Womens' Eyes: Inspired by Classic Illustrations Volume 1

New scrapbooking books and oversized prints for framing:

Kayleel released a series of new scrapbooking and framing print books on Amazon with enlarged, oversized images from the CGR Publishing archives. These are great for framing, decoupage, and scrapbooking. Check out the complete collection!

Oversized Vintage Images Volume 1: Premium Antique Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Oversized Images of Christmas Volume 1: Premium Vintage Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Oversized Images of Christmas Volume 2: Premium Vintage Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Oversized Images of Christmas Volume 3: Premium Vintage Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Oversized Images of Christmas Volume 4: Premium Vintage Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Oversized Images of France Volume 1: Premium Vintage Ephemera for Scrapbooking and Crafts

Geisha Japanese Art Coloring Book for Adults Volume 2 is out!!

Carmen Lafayette drops the second volume of Geisha coloring. The series has been well-received (because it's awesome) and issue 2 is even better than the first one. Don't miss it!

Geisha Japanese Art Coloring Book for Adults Volume 2


Update October 1, 2021

We've been busy! Big new releases over the past few weeks include:

Geisha Japanese Art Coloring Book for Adults Volume 1
101 Trains on Stamps Volume 1: The Art of Locomotives on Postage Stamps
Robot Kitten Factory #2

We're working with several talented writers and artists on new projects on a variety of subjects with release dates planned before the end of 2021. Stop back often and see what's new from CGR Publishing!

Update August 20, 2021

Good news everyone! We're nearing the release season and you can expect loads of books soon from our in-house comic book workshop and the history department. Stuff coming in November:

Upcoming Mark Bussler releases:
Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 3
Ethel the Cyborg Ninja Trilogy 1 Hardcover Special Edition
Classic Game Room - Farewell and Thanks for the Laser Bathysphere #1
Robot Kitten Factory 2 (August/September)
Robot Kitten Factory 3
Robot Kitten Factory Trilogy 1 Hardcover Special Edition
Retromegatrex 2: The Art of Mark Bussler 2018-2021 Hardcover and Softcover and DIgital
Retromegatrex 1: The Lost Art of Mark Bussler 1995-2017 Hardcover Special Edition
Omega Ronin #1
Magnum Skywolf #2 (early 2022)
The Art of Ferdinand Von Reznicek Hardcover and Softcover
[Untitled] Paris Exposition 1889 Two-Volume Hardcover and Softcover Set

Bussler recently released a gorgeous new book called: 1915 San Francisco World's Fair in Color: Grandeur of the Panama-Pacific Exposition. Hardcover and softcover editions (digital soon.)

The newsletter will resume shortly. We revamped the entire marketing program in 2021. We are no longer using social media or responding to questions on any external platform. If you have a question, contact us here. A new team may take over the program in 2022.

The Turbo Volcano website is in development. We are slowly adding our thousands of product designs and finally combining them all in one place. Check it out!

Update July 6, 2021

Trees of California: Restored Enlarged Retro Special Edition is now available in Paperback and Hardcover!

Retromegatrex 2, Omega Ronin, and Magnum Skywolf #2 are in development. Dates TBD. Subscribe to the CGR Publishing newsletter for release updates!

Update June 8, 2021

Good day! Here's some goings-ons for summer 2021, lots of stuff happening.

Website news returns! We decided to discontinue most of our social media channels. CGR Publishing will post official news and updates here and via the newsletter.

Mark Bussler has permanently retired from filmmaking, video, journalism, commentary, editing, and narrating. His focus is on other projects, he not available for editing or narrating jobs. You can find his catalog of videos in the digital and physical video section of the website. His upcoming books, the Robot Kitten Factory project, and Turbo Volcano design work will be announced here as he releases them.

Our Turbo Volcano team and sister website will be finishing up their release project over the next several months and (finally) compiling and cataloging the thousands of products scattered over our distributors' channels. Thank you for your patience! Been a crazy year 🙂

Hardcover Premium Editions

Most of our book catalog is now available in deluxe hardcover editions as well as paperback and Kindle. You can now find them on Amazon and Ebay. We will be adding hardcovers to the site in the coming weeks. Subscribe to our newsletter for some maybe super-secret coupons!

Bundle Deals arrive on the website!

Our popular bundle deals from Ebay are now available on the website. You can see the category here.

Shakespears Joins CGR

We got our hands on one of the rarest and best-illustrated collections of Shakespeare's work. CGR is releasing a three-volume Shakespeare collection in hardcover and softcover this summer. Stay tuned.

1915 World's Fair Coming Soon

Bussler is wrapping up work on his upcoming 1915 San Francisco World's Fair book in color. Soon to be available in softcover, hardcover, and Kindle.

Robot Kitten Factory Trilogy Hardcover

Mark is finishing up the second two issues of Robot Kitten Factory retro-styled manga. They will be available as floppies and combined into an enlarged hardcover special edition. Signed copies of the hardcover will be available for pre-order soon.

Ethel the Cyborg Ninja Trilogy Hardcover

Mark is also wrapping up the third installment of Ethel the Cyborg Ninja which will be available as a floppy this summer. The first part of the trilogy will also be enlarged, combined, and released as a special edition hardcover this year. Signed copies will be available for pre-order soon.



Update June 16, 2020

CGR Publishing surpasses 150 published book titles. We have expanded our distribution!

You can now order CGR Publishing books directly from this website (the website you are currently on!) We'll soon be offering some coupons to subscribers and can even offer signed copies of some books.