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CGR Publishing is a producer, publisher, and distributor of niche-market and special interest books. 

Founded in 1999, CGR stands for Classic Game Room, the original Internet video game review show that evolved into a publishing house and design company. We currently distribute a growing catalog of print and digital books through major online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, and CGRpublishing.com

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CGR Publishing is home to the CGR Publishing Restoration Workshop and distributes books around the world. But before that, we recorded game reviews in a space station....

Forged in the fires of Truxton, Classic Game Room's unique blend of video editing, irreverent commentary, and retro obsession made it one of the favorite game review shows in the early days of YouTube. But, believe it or not, CGR dates back to November, 1999!

Created by Mark Bussler, Classic Game Room is the original Internet video game review show. Classic Game Room first aired on the startup website, FromUSAlive in late 1999 and ran until the year 2000 when it disappeared for nearly a decade (in that time Mark produced documentary films.) A new series called Classic Game Room HD launched on YouTube in 2008. CGR ran until early 2018 when it was replaced by Classic Game Room 2085 on Amazon and Vimeo. In 2019, Classic Game Room Internet video game review production ceased permanently.

After video distribution issues with YouTube, combined with relatively poor viewership and content theft, Mark was no longer able to devote the time required to produce Classic Game Room‘s edited content and chose to instead focus on publishing and art. This lead to several popular releases that launched CGR Publishing. Mark Bussler is the president of CGR Publishing and works full time in publishing, restoration, advertising, writing, art, and design.

Regarding the Classic Game Room show, Bussler recalls "I'm really proud of my documentary career in the early 2000s when I produced films like Expo: Magic of the White City and Westinghouse. In those years I learned every aspect of filmmaking from the bottom to the top. But, by 2007 the gig was up. The indie DVD business ran its course and I had a tough choice to make. Interestingly, there was this startup website called YouTube at the time -

"I rebooted CGR in 2008 on YouTube as an experiment. It was a way to save my documentary career while I was looking into grad school. To my surprise, the show took off like a rocket in 2008 and 2009 and actually earned enough money to pay for itself. It quickly turned into a full-time job! It's one of those things that never happens, but it blew up in those early years when YouTube was growing.

"The early episodes from that era were recorded on VHS tape and edited on the hardware used to produce Westinghouse. So, just imagine I'm recording Atari 2600 games on a Radio Shack VCR coupled to a $10,000 editing system in a documentary production house. That was it. It was a professionally produced show from day one. It may even be the first high definition game review show on YouTube. That's what people forget, high definition was SUPER expensive to produce back in the day. CGR's filmmaking background combined with a huge bank of hard drives and my editing experience gave the show an edge and allowed me to develop it over the years. Today, in 2020, people complain that the editing hides the gameplay and the videos are fake (really?) Today I get requests to get into live streaming and influencer stuff, which is not my thing. CGR was all editing. I do miss editing. I miss the days when people acknowledged that this thing called editing even existed.

"Fun-fact: Classic Game Room was recorded on tape from 2008-2013.

"2008-2013 was a great time, though challenging for sure. I worked with a small team from the Inecom production company. CGR took over all of our productions. We restructured the small business and turned it into a new company designed to produce consistent, daily video game reviews. We launched new shows from a storage locker-turned studio but, in the end, the world changed and it failed to grow. YouTube changed a lot. In 2013 we lost most of our ad revenue, our biggest videos got removed or demonetized, and I tried to diversify distribution outlets, but the show was always associated with YouTube. I literally tried everything. I even tried to get the show onto Laser Disc (true story)

"Regrettably, after a series of reboots and a good show debut on Amazon, I decided to pull the plug. By 2018 the entire video production business cost more to run than it earned. Classic Game Room took all my time and, at some point I just get tired of watching it go backwards every day. I cancelled Season 2 of CGR 2085 and turned into CGR20TH before closing the studio. I'll probably never do commentary again, it's not fun anymore. Additionally, the publishing side of CGR crushed the video side.

"Surprisingly, my skills at yelling about Sega Genesis and 1980s television shows didn't pay the bills, but 20+ years of distribution and commercial design experience do. So, here we are! CGR Publishing is the only print, distribution, and restoration company fueled by wood grain obsolescence and a broken VCR in the known universe.

"If you look closely, and drink a beer or two, maybe you can spot the Intergalactic Space Arcade out there, still orbiting Earth, lost in space and time... stuck in 1982."

CGR Publishing currently publishes more than 200 print and digital books with hundreds more in development. The Classic Game Room web museum to catalog the show's extensive history is in development. If you have questions on where to find a product please Contact Us

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