About Us

CGR Publishing is a producer, publisher, and distributor of books, music, videos, and product designs.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CGR Publishing produces and publishes more than 250 books, thousands of videos, countless design products, clothing, and a growing catalog of music. You can find our products on major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Ebay, Etsy, Apple, Spotify, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Beatport, Deezer, Tidal, and more.

CGR Publishing is the exclusive distributor of books and art from Mark Bussler including Omega Ronin, Classic Game Room, The Ultra Massive 1893 World's Fair book series, The Ultra Massive video game guidebook series, and much more.

You can view CGR Publishing-produced Internet video series on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. See the list of our shows HERE.

CGR Publishing
Classic Game Room Headquarters
Inecom, LLC.
565 Epsilon Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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