History in the Age of Vikings: Volume 2

Release Date: December 8, 2021
Author: Ephraim Durnst
Length: 396 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Softcover ISBN: 978-1592182848 MSRP: $24.95
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1592182855 MSRP: $34.95
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Volume 2 in the three-volume illustrated series about Vikings features weapons, war-ships, superstitions, art, rock tracings, marriage customs, and more.

Based on the nearly-destroyed, rare works of a 19th-century writer and archaeologist, History in the Age of Vikings Volume 2 featured even more detailed information about the advanced Northern civilization including marriage, divorce, children, war, weapons, art, and a variety of superstitions. Features:

  • More than 1600 contemporary illustrations spread across three volumes
  • Full-size 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages
  • Digitally restored and enhanced images
  • Enlarged pages and images with enhanced layouts
  • Modern retro-styled cover design for display
  • Introduction by World’s Fair historian and artist, Mark Bussler
  • Hardcover and Softcover printing options

Volume 2 features sacrifices, feasts, dreams, struggles, land, and the laws of the earlier English tribes in addition to a variety of detailed illustrations of lethal Viking weaponry, armor, ships, wagons, and more.
“Featured in Chapter IV is their view of Valhalla, or “the hall of the slain,” and its influence on the future history of Europe by making these people of the North powerful and nearly unstoppable warriors.

Contemporary archaeologists unearthed a spectacular collection of Viking weapons, armor, wagons, and war-ships that were thoroughly documented and illustrated for Du Chaillu’s original manuscript. We restored those images for this printing of the book and, in many cases, greatly enlarged them for modern readers to absorb every bit of detail.”

Volume 2 Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Religion – The Volvas
Chapter 2: Ægir and Ran
Chapter 3: Sacrifices to the Alfar, Etc…
Chapter 4: Valhalla
Chapter 5: Superstitions – Shape Changing
Chapter 6: Superstitions – Witchcraft
Chapter 7: Superstitions – Omens
Chapter 8: Superstitions – Dreams
Chapter 9: The Struggle Between Paganism and Christianity
Chapter 10: The Land
Chapter 11: Divisions of People Into Classes
Chapter 12: Slavery – Thraldom
Chapter 13: The Thing
Chapter 14: The Godi and Godiship
Chapter 15: The Laws of the Earlier English Tribes
Chapter 16: Indemnity – Weregild
Chapter 17: The Oath and Ordeal
Chapter 18: Dueling
Chapter 19: Outlawry
Chapter 20: Revenge
Chapter 21: Marriage
Chapter 22: Divorce
Chapter 23: The Birth and Bringing Up of Children
Chapter 24: The Arvel, or Inheritance Feast
Chapter 25: Foster-Brotherhood
Chapter 26: Weapons
Chapter 27: War Customs
Chapter 28: Rock Tracings
Chapter 29: War-Ships

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