Antique Cars and Motor Vehicles: Illustrated Guide to Operation, Maintenance, and Repair

Release date: September 1, 2020
Author: James Homans
Length: 662 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Softcover ISBN: 978-1592180554 MSRP: $29.95
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More than 500 detailed illustrations enhance this contemporary guide to the inner workings and mechanics of turn-of-the-century automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles.

Released in 1911 as “Self-Propelled Vehicles: A Practical Treatise,” James Homans’ spectacular, all-encompassing book about the fascinating world of gas-powered, electric-powered, and steam-powered motor vehicles leaves no stone unturned in its celebration of the classic automobile.

Classic car collectors, racers, and enthusiasts will enjoy this thorough look under the hood as Homans dissects every part of the “horseless carriage” from a unique and contemporary viewpoint that offers a keen insight into the bygone age of dramatic motoring. Antique Cars and Motor Vehicles spans more than 640 pages, immersing readers in a world of automotive history, vehicle parts, driving gears, steering, suspension, engines, exhaust, and even old fashioned American road signs.

The hundreds of Images of cars, engines, parts, and mechanic operations are crisp and detailed, created by skilled master artists with a sharp eye for detail. It’s everything that you ever wanted to know about classic motoring in a single, entertaining, and well-illustrated volume!

This enhanced 2020 re-release features enlarged 7” x 10” pages that retain the original classic type font and page layouts, crisp, digitally re-scanned images, and a new retro cover design created to enhance your reading room and garage.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – History of Self-Powered Vehicles
Chapter 2 – The Make-Up of a Motor Carriage
Chapter 3 – Compensation and Compensating Devices
Chapter 4 – The Driving Car
Chapter 5 – The Steering of a Motor Vehicle
Chapter 6 – Combined Steering and Driving
Chapter 7 – The Supports of a Motor Vehicle
Chapter 8 – Motor Carriage Wheels
Chapter 9 – Tires
Chapter 10 – The Construction of Tires
Chapter 11 – Pneumatic Tire Troubles
Chapter 12 – Care of Pneumatic Tires
Chapter 13 – Types and Merits of Automobiles
Chapter 14 – The Theory of Heat Engines
Chapter 15 – The Parts of a Gas Engine
Chapter 16 – The Four-Cycle Gas Engine
Chapter 17 – The Two-Cycle Gas Engine
Chapter 18 – Compression and Expansion
Chapter 19 – Efficiency in a Gas Engine
Chapter 20 – Exhaust
Chapter 21 – Water Cooling for the Cylinder
Chapter 22 – Air Cooling for the Cylinder
Chapter 23 – Power Elements of a Gas Engine
Chapter 24 – Carburetors
Chapter 25 – Ignition
Chapter 26 – Balancing Gasoline Engines
Chapter 27 – Governing and Control of a Gasoline Engine
Chapter 28 – Clutches
Chapter 29 – Transmissions
Chapter 30 – Brakes
Chapter 31 – Roller Bearings
Chapter 32 – Lubricants
Chapter 33 – Practical Operation of Gasoline Engines
Chapter 34 – Motorcycles
Chapter 35 – Steam Engines for Automobiles
Chapter 36 – Boilers and Flash Generators

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