Classic Game Room 16oz “Insert Beer Output Fun” Drinking Glass


It’s back! The beloved Classic Game Room “Insert Beer Output Fun” 16oz drinking glass returns for fans of the original video game review show. Enjoy your beer with a wink and a smile at wood-grained game systems everywhere, this brand-new Mark Bussler-designed glass is your immediate go-to vessel for that after work brew while blasting things with lasers on your retro game console.

Does beer taste better when consumed from a Classic Game Room pint glass? Science says yes* (*science does not say yes. But Mark does, and that’s better than science.)

Traditional 16oz glass leaves plenty of room for foam after you pour a 12oz beer into it. This is the familiar pint glass that you know from bars around the galaxy. CGR pint glass is durable, versatile and well balanced. Whether you’re serving a pint of lager, a cocktail or an iced tea, this glass is the time tested vessel for tap to mouth delivery.

16oz Size
Single Unit
Respected in every star system