Retromegatrex Volume 2: The Lost Art of Mark Bussler 2018-2021

Release Date: November 2021
Author: Mark Bussler
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Softcover ISBN:  MSRP: $
Hardcover ISBN:  MSRP: $

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The Intergalactic Space Arcade was the last remaining force of good and righteousness in the universe. After it closed its doors and shut down the fusion-powered margarita mixer, the galaxy fell apart between the years 2018 and 2021.

Sadness. Misinformation. Garbage. Idiocy. These things consumed the space-time continuum, but behind the scenes, Mark Bussler drew art and sketched ideas for a series of books to be released in the future that would save the galaxy with groovy flying El Caminos, beer-swilling anti-heroes, rad computer monsters from space, and laser-firing robot cats from Neo San Philatakio. It wasn’t easy though, and 90% of his work ended up on the cutting room floor between ’18 and ’21. Enter the 36 Chambers of the Laser Bathysphere, this is Retromegatrex 2.

Retromegatrex Volume 2 collects these outtakes, sketches, and storyboards to preserve them in a massive volume of Bussler’s bizarre works from the future (sent back in time through the Vortex of Insanity.) What started with Cosmic Death Brick Adventures and Seatropica evolved into the massive tomes of *Robot Kitten Factory, *Laser Bathysphere, *Omega Ronin, *Ethel Trilogy 1, and *Magnum Skywolf (2021-’22 releases) – this is their story. Hardcover and softcover versions inbound.

Table of Contents:
1. Retromegatrex 2 – 2021 Original Adventure featuring:
– Bolfar Hero of the 9th Moon (1994)
– Brother Shabazz (1994)
– Captain Kolledge (1996)
– Sally (1997)
– R2-Keg2 (1997)
– Wind Squid (2008)
– Edit-Station 1 (2008)
– Lord Karnage (2014)
– Cosmic Death Brick (2014)
– Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken (2014)
– Space Gar (2014)
– Ethel the Cyborg Ninja (2015)
– Space Tentacle Eyeball Monster (Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2015)
– Surf Panda (Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom 2018)
– Señor Commodore Rice Ball (Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom 2018)
– Billingsley (Seatropica 2018)
– The Horrible Octopus (2018)
– Vortex of Insanity (CGR Infinity 2019)
– Hunter Skywolf (Magnum Skywolf, 2020)
– Haylee Davenworth (Magnum Skywolf, 2020)
– A.C. (Magnum Skywolf, 2020)
– Professor Xardoz (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– General Zarlorr (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Captain Laser Whiskers (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Lieutenant Fujee (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Captain Shinjeero (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Sergeant Tetsuoh (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Kitty Mk II (Robot Kitten Factory 2020)
– Mega Power Cat 9001 (Robot Kitten Factory 2021)
– Cassandra Kawalzyski (Omega Ronin 2021)
– Omega Ronin (Omega Ronin 2021)
– Mark Bussler in Intergalactic Diving Gear (Laser Bathysphere 2021)
– Radiant Silverdog (Laser Bathysphere 2021)

– Intergalactic Space Arcade (2014)
– El Karnage 9000 (Lord Karnage 2014)
– Magnum 9000 (Magnum Skywolf 2020)
– Laser Bathysphere (Laser Bathysphere 2021)

2. The Horrible Octopus
Complete series and outtakes

3. CGR Infinity the Comic Book
Sketches, storyboards, and completed unpublished work

4. Cosmic Death Brick Adventures
Sketches, storyboards, and semi-complete unpublished work

5. Turbo Volcano
Sketches and concept art

6. Seatropica
Sketches, storyboards, and unpublished work

7. Lord Karnage in the Valley of the Moon Wolves
Sketches, cover art

8. Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom
Complete fist issue, enlarged with storyboards

9. Ethel the Cyborg Ninja
Sketches, unpublished storyboards, and concept art

10. Magnum Skywolf
Sketches, unpublished storyboards, and concept art

11. Robot Kitten Factory
Sketches, concept art

12. Omega Ronin
Sketches, concept art, outtakes, unpublished early versions

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