The Complete Butterfly Book: Enlarged Illustrated Special Edition


Release date: December 22, 2020
Author: William Holland
Length: 478 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
ISBN: 978-1592180868
MSRP: $29.95
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Everything you ever wanted to know about butterflies but were afraid to ask!

For the first time, W.J. Holland’s timeless book about butterflies has been restored and enlarged for this special edition printing of 1898’s The Butterfly Book. Includes:
– Hundreds of butterfly images and descriptions
– The classifications and species of butterflies
– Enlarged 8 ½” by 11” pages
– Crisp restored black and white images
– The author’s layout
– Original classic type font
– New retro-styled cover design
– Butterfly-inspired poetry

Writer, William J. Holland, rose to international fame as the second director of the esteemed Carnegie Museum of Natural History, serving from 1897 to 1922. A close friend to Andrew Carnegie, he developed museum exhibits and worked with paleontologists to assemble the museum’s famed fossilized dinosaur collection. He was an avid lepidopterist who facilitated the growth of the museum’s invertebrate zoology collection, which now includes more than 11 million butterfly specimens.The Complete Butterfly Book is a must-have for all lepidopterists and those studying the science of lepidopterology.

Holland’s easy-to-read writing effortlessly mixes the science of butterflies with art, imagery, and storytelling. His inclusion of whimsical butterfly-inspired poetry lifts the spirit along with a fascinating collection of butterflies, caterpillars, and papilioninæ. If you love butterflies, you will love The Complete Butterfly Book.

Table of Contents Includes:
– The Life-History and Anatomy of Butterflies
– The Capture, Preparation, and Preservation of Specimens
– The Classification of Butterflies
– Books About North American Butterflies
– Brush-footed Butterflies
– Milkweed Butterflies
– Long-winged Butterflies
– Heliconians
– Nymphs
– Satyrs, Meadow-browns, and Arctics
– Snout-butterflies
– Metal-marks
– Hair-streaks, the Blues and the Coppers
– Swallowtails and Allies
– Whites, Sulphurs, and Orange-tips
– Parnassians and Swallowtails
– Skippers
– Hesperids
– Megathymus
– Collecting in Japan
– The Utility of Entomology
– Collections and Collectors
– More!

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