Robot Kitten Factory: Trilogy 1 Special Edition

Release Date: March 31, 2023
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 164 Pages
Full-Color with Glossy Color Cover
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1592183180 MSRP: $29.95
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Experience the Robot Kitten Factory saga from the beginning with this deluxe, enlarged version of the first three issues with additional content.

The throwback retro-manga series from artist and producer Mark Bussler brings nonstop action and laughs in this deluxe hardcover edition. An alien space monster attacks Earth and lays waste to the peaceful city of San Philatakio. It easily defeats the military, but can the rampaging creature from outer space withstand the might of the government’s top-secret Robot Kitten Factory?

Meet Captain Laser Whiskers, Kitty Mk II, and Mechapowercat 9001 as General Zarlorr and Professor Xardoz launch powerful robot cats from a secret volcano that fire lasers, shoot lightning bolts, and harness the gravitational forces of black holes. Lasers and missiles fly as seven Robot Kittens (eight, including the secret one) battle monsters on Earth and in deep, uncharted regions of outer space!

  • Original characters and artwork from series creator, Mark Bussler
  • Enlarged 8 ½” x 11” pages
  • Three full issues, including all bonus content
  • Deluxe hardcover printing
  • Robot Kitten Factory sketches and outtakes
  • Artist production notes
  • Bold retro-styled cover design
  • Additional Special Edition content
  • All-ages fun!

This enlarged hardcover special edition collects Robot Kitten Factory issues 1 -3 with all bonus content and adds additional sketches and outtakes.

Issue #1: The throwback, good-times retro manga series starts here. Meet the Robot Kitten Factory, Professor Xardoz, Captain Laser Whiskers, and a terrifying monster from outer space! Experience non-stop, all-ages, sci-fi thrills, and epic adventure!

Issue #2: The Robot Kitten Factory returns to save San Philatakio from an alien space monster invasion by launching a new prototype kitten into the fray called Kitty Mk II, designed by Professor Xardoz to control the gravitational powers of Black Holes!

Issue #3: Professor Xardoz, Fujee, General Zarlorr, and the crew help to rebuild Neo San Philatakio as a new fleet of Robot Kittens joins the team just in time to confront a mysterious alien pulsar from outer space.

About the Publisher:
CGR Publishing develops and distributes a diverse collection of graphic novels, art books, instructional guides, history books, and classic restoration special editions. The CGR Restoration Workshop uses a vast array of computers and digital scanners to restore, preserve, and enhance the classic works of writers and artists from the 19th century. Each new release includes display-quality covers, enlarged covers, and retro fonts. Select books include Dante’s Inferno Retro Hell-Bound Edition, Gustave Doré’s London: A Pilgrimage, The Complete Book of Birds, A Life of George Westinghouse, The Clock Book: A Detailed Illustrated Collection of Classic Clocks, The Aeroplane Speaks, and much more.

About the Creator:
Writer, artist, musician, and publisher Mark Bussler has written more than 100 books and designed over 300 covers for CGR Publishing. Bussler is a professional artist and commercial designer who works in digital and physical media. He created and continues to develop the Robot Kitten Factory series, Retromegatrex, How to Draw Inspired by Classic Illustrations, and other graphic novels and instructional guides. Additionally, he writes history books and photographic history collections such as 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair: The Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Photographs. Bussler previously produced and directed films such as Westinghouse, Expo: Magic of the White City, and the Classic Game Room series. He is the founder and president of CGR Publishing, and founder of the industrial synthesizer laser-disco band, Turbo Volcano, the synthwave band Omega Ronin.