How to Draw Dolphins by Kawaii Ocean


Release date: May 29, 2019
Author: Kawaii Ocean
Length: 40 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Learn how to draw dolphins with step-by-step instruction from Kawaii Ocean, a great drawing book for kids and artists of all skill levels!

This all-ages book is an entertaining art guide for beginners and experienced artists who are looking to draw dolphins. Kawaii Ocean takes readers through a fun and easy to follow step-by-step visual guide to sketching dolphins.

Learn clever tricks to draw their face, fins, flippers, tail, and body correctly every time. Learn how to doodle cute dolphins on anything that you can think of such as birthday cards, notebooks, manga, school projects, and cartoons.

Kawaii Ocean teaches artists simple, yet easy pen strokes to form the bottlenose dolphin’s head and tail. Learn techniques to properly place flippers and fins on the dolphin’s body and sketch dolphins from a variety of angles. Easy to follow step by step guides take readers through the entire dolphin drawing experience.

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