Retromegatrex Volume 1: The Lost Art of Mark Bussler 1995-2017

Release Date: May 18, 2017
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 203 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
MSRP: $19.95
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More than 200 pages spanning two decades of comic book and comic strip artwork from Mark Bussler, creator of Classic Game Room, Lord Karnage, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken, The Ultra Massive Series, Surf Panda and more.

A Mark Bussler art collection. Retromegatrex starts off with a 12-page mashup of his work where the Cosmic Death Brick tears a hole in reality and mixes all of the characters together. Watch what happens when Lord Karnage, Edit-Station 1, Heyzoos, Ethel the Cyborg Ninja, Hunter Skywolf, Haylee Davenworth, Bolfar, Brother Shabazz, Captain Kolledge, Wind Squid, Space Gar and the characters from Mass Media inhabit the same space together. This book contains: – 12-page Retromegatrex Mashup (2017) – Wind Squid #0 (2014) – Disco 8-Track the Prologue #0 (2014) – Captain Kolledge (1996-1998) – Captain Kolledge 2 (1996) – Wind Squid (2008-2012) – Bolfar: Hero of the 9th Moon (1995-1996) – Mass Media (1998) – Untitled Elven Village Slaughter by Cyber Mercenaries (1999) – And more… Much of the work featured in this volume has never been printed before. Many of the comics were re-scanned from the original artwork and, in some cases, touched up or finished for this book. Features artist commentary, sketches and back-story for every chapter. 8 1/2” x 11” pages. Black and white with color cover.

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