Ethel the Cyborg Ninja #2

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Release Date: August 27, 2019
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 68 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Reader review:

From Nolan:  “I just got my book and THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! SOOOO AWESOME!! WOW.”

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From the creator of Omega Ronin, Classic Game Room, and Lord Karnage comes this epic sci-fi manga, the wildest outer space adventure fueled by 1980s action movie one-liners in the galaxy!

The Sanro Loco 4000 dead mall isn’t so dead after all! Ethel the Cyborg Ninja and Edit-Station 1 embark on a mission to recover a secret code that lies hidden inside a singing 1980s stuffed bear named Trebley Fruxlin at the Kay-Zee Toyz Store. A trip to the mall sounds fun until they discover thousands of killer robots from a broken Build-A-Panda-Robot factory with a thirst for blood! Can Ethel’s cyborg skills keep her alive while Edit-Station 1 and E.R.R.O.L. fend off a fleet of heavily-armed robotic mall guard spaceships? Will anyone get to enjoy a Purple Julius? Do they still sell D-cell batteries at Radio Hut?

Laugh out loud and enjoy epic science fiction mayhem as Ethel and Edit-Station 1 continue their quest for Ethel’s father and the missing pieces of Squidtrex, a monstrous super robot comprised of five robotic space squids. Can they discover the Sword of Oceans, the last-remaining enigmatic super-weapon capable of defeating Vectronnixx 9000, a 1970s-era four-dimensional video game system gone bad which is taking over the universe and absorbing reality?

Ethel the Cyborg Ninja is written and drawn by Mark Bussler, creator of Classic Game Room, Drawing with Lord Karnage, Old Timey Pictures with Silly Captions, Magnum Skywolf, Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken, Omega Ronin, and numerous other books and video series. Ethel the Cyborg Ninja 2 (Ethel the Cyborg Ninja Book 2) is the direct sequel to Ethel the Cyborg Ninja Book 1 and is part of Mark’s “Lord Karnage Saga.” Contains artist notes and concept art.

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