A Life of George Westinghouse: Enlarged Illustrated Special Edition

Release date: July 4, 2020
Author: Henry Prout
Length: 398 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
ISBN: 978-1-7353382-1-7 MSRP: $21.95
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The extraordinary life of the world’s greatest engineer who pioneered air brakes, natural gas, and alternating current electricity.

George Westinghouse was a quiet man who avoided the spotlight, but his inventions changed the world and propelled America into the 20th century and beyond. His air brake saved countless lives as railroads crisscrossed the United States in the days of rapid Westward expansion and industrial growth, but it was his work on alternating current electricity which continues to have a lasting impact on our technology-obsessed future.

Originally published in 1921, Henry Prout guides readers through a fascinating life journey of the unassuming Civil War veteran who rose to fame after inventing the air brake and founding Westinghouse Air Brake Company in the steel city of Pittsburgh. This special edition reprinting features enlarged pages, the original classic type font, digitally remastered images, and a new retro cover design guaranteed to liven up the library and stand out on the shelf.

Prout does a spectacular job guiding readers through his life, detailing his innovative, hard-working spirit and personal life in a way that no other books do. Overshadowed by larger-than-life personalities like Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie, Westinghouse may have accomplished more than any other engineer in history while boasting about it the least.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Introductory
Chapter 2 – The Air Brake
Chapter 3 – Friction Draft Gear
Chapter 4 – A General Sketch of Electric Activities
Chapter 5 – The Induction Motor and Meter
Chapter 6 – The Rotary Converter
Chapter 7 – The Chicago World’s Fair
Chapter 8 – Niagara Falls
Chapter 9 – Electric Traction
Chapter 10 – Steam and Gas Engines
Chapter 11 – The Turbo Generator
Chapter 12 – Signaling and Interlocking
Chapter 13 – Natural Gas
Chapter 14 – Various Interests and Activities
Chapter 15 – European Enterprises
Chapter 16 – Financial Methods – Reorganization – Equitable Life Episode
Chapter 17 – The Personality of George Westinghouse
Chapter 18 – The Meaning of George Westinghouse

Available on Amazon.com
Available on Amazon.com

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