Ultra Massive Video Game Controller Guide Part 1: Ultra Massive Volume 5


Release Date: September 4, 2018
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 336 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
MSRP: $39.99
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The 5th Ultra Massive is a photographic journey through the evolution of video game controllers from Atari 2600 to Xbox and everything in between.

If you love video games, then you love video game controllers, but have you ever stopped to ponder their existence? The plastic devices with which we play Pac-Man, Truxton, Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter II, Pong, Minecraft, Forza, and Fortnight have personalities all their own.

What started with joysticks, trak-balls, and paddles evolved into complex wireless gamepads, virtual reality, and oddball keyboard peripherals. Ultra Massive Volume 5 takes a photographic journey through the evolution of video game controller design with beautiful pictures taken by photographer and video game historian, Mark Bussler (Classic Game Room, Ultra Massive Video Game Console Guide series.)

Ultra Massive Video Game Controller Guide features more than 100 controllers and accessories in this stunning book filled with humorous and informative reviews including:

-Atari 2600 joysticks
-NES Advantage
-Hori Hayabusa
-PlayStation 2 DualShock 2
-DJ Hero controller
-Fairchild Channel F (lightsaber) joystick
-Vectrex controller
-Xbox 360 gamepad
-PC-Engine PC Commander
-Sega Genesis gamepads
-Sega Dreamcast controller
-Super Nintendo gamepad
-Atari 5200 controller
-Panasonic 3DO gamepad
-Ascii Stick X Turbo
-Much, much more!

The design of video game controllers is an integral part of video game history. Ultra Massive 5 celebrates controllers and joysticks with stunning, high resolution black and white photography that brings out the details and designs that we rarely notice when blowing things up with lasers.

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