The Life of the Empress Josephine: First Wife of Napoleon – Retro Restored Edition

Release date: February 18, 2021
Author: P.C. Headley
Length: 386 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
ISBN: 978-1592181063
MSRP: $19.95
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Born on the island of Martinique, the romantic Josephine found herself at the center of events that would forever change the world.

In 1856, writer P.C. Headley released the thrilling biography of the famed Joséphine, Empress of the French from 1804-1810, famed romantic, and renowned patron of the arts. After her first husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais, met the guillotine in 1794, the beautiful widow with two children embarked on an unlikely romantic relationship with one of history’s most notorious men. This restored edition of Headley’s classic features:

– Enlarged 7” x 10” pages for easy reading
– Author’s original page layouts
– Classic weathered type font
– New retro-style cover design

Josephine was a model of character. Headley wrote her biography to make the study of her life more general, and to extend the admiration of her pure beauty in contrast to all the forms of corruption that humanity could present in a period of bloody Revolution. He felt that “The Empress was a greater personage than Napoleon in the elements of moral grandeur, and retained her sovereignty in the hearts of the people, while he ruled by the unrivaled splendor of his genius.”

“The name Josephine is invested with a romantic and mournful interest. From the quiet life of her island-home, she rose to the splendor of royalty which borrowed lustre from her virtues; then, heart-broken, found retirement where, with a meek resignation that contrasts beautifully with the untamed ambition of the illustrious exile of St. Helena, she lived till her death.”

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Interest of Josephine’s History
– Birth and Family – Early Years – First Love – Becomes Acquainted with Beauharnais – The Birth of Eugene and Hortense – Domestic Difficulties – Separation from Her Husband – Returns to Martinique

Chapter 2 – Fall of the Gironde
– Beauharnais Imprisoned – Friends Forsake Her – Infidelity During the Reign of Terror – Josephine’s Kindness – Beauharnais Betrayed – Scenes in Prison

Chapter 3 – Josephine Undeceived
– Her Arrest – Prison Horrors – Last Hours – Execution – Liberation of Josephine

Chapter 4 – Bonaparte in Paris
– A Glance at his History – Personal Appearance of Napoleon – Napoleon Frequents the Mansion of Madam De Beauharnais – Letters to Josephine

Chapter 5 – Departure of Napoleon for Egypt
– Parting with Josephine at Toulon – Accident – Rare Qualities of Josephine’s Character – Josephine Watched by Secret Enemies – Charges of Infidelity Transmitted to Napoleon – Unfortunate Mistake – His Anger

Chapter 6 – Napoleon’s Design- Josephine’s Political Views – The 18th Brumaire – Murat’s Marriage – His Treachery – Escapes Assassination – Battle of Marengo – Relaxation at the Malmaison – Conspiracy and the Infernal Machine

Chapter 7 – Josephine and the Bourbon Conspirators
– Duke D’Enghien – Josephine’s Grief and Sympathy for the Conspirators – Bonaparte’s Movements and Ambition – Boneparte Becomes Emporer of France – Royal Court – Incidents – The Coronation

Chapter 8 – France and Josephine at the Period of History
– Important Events – Tour to Milan – Napoleon Visits Brienne – News of Probable Hostilities – Preparations for War – Napoleon’s Victories – The Royal Family – Bonaparte’s Habits and Illness – Hatred of Bonaparte’s Relatives Towards Josephine

Chapter 9 – A New Phase in Josephine’s Destiny
– Napoleon’s Love – His Desire for a Successor – Rumor of the Prince Royal of Holland – Josephine’s Grief – Treatment of the Empress – Preparations for a Divorce

Chapter 10 – Josephine’s Retirement and Sorrow
– Her Residence at Malmaison and Navarre – Maria Louisa – National Joy at the birth of Young Napoleon – Congratulations of Josephine – Bonaparte’s Campaign to Russia – His Disasters – Letters – Napoleon Abdicates the Throne – Her Last Illness

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