Lord Karnage 1.5 Special Edition


Release Date: May 19, 2017
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 202 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Can a planet’s atmosphere quench the big thirst of Lord Karnage?

Three books in 1. Lord Karnage 1.5 Special Edition is 200 pages of margarita blending cosmic chaos. Contains Lord Karnage Book 1, Lord Karnage Deconstructed and Lord Karnage 1.5. Book 1.5: Lord Karnage and crew receive a distress call from CGR fans on an uncharted planet in deep space. Using Space Gar’s power of Black Hole Vortex, they fly there and encounter a charming race of aliens who survive in an ocean of margarita! What happens when Heyzoos and crew discover this world of endless liquid refreshment?

Book 1: The video game review show, Classic Game Room, beams a controversial game review into deep space that awakens untold evil. Can Lord Karnage, Space Gar, Wind Squid and Edit-Station 1 save the Earth and Intergalactic Space Arcade from destruction? Book 1 introduces Heyzoos the Coked-Up Chicken, Space Gar, Lord Karnage and several other characters that become regulars in the Classic Game Room comic book universe.

Book 1 Deconstructed: Lord Karnage was Mark’s return to comics after 15 years in the video industry. With new characters and new pens, it was quite and ordeal, and he documented every part of the writing and design process. Look at pages in the process, read design notes and artist commentary.

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