The Balloon Travels of Robert Merry and His Young Friends: Retro Restored Illustrated Edition

Release Date: August 2, 2021
Author: Samuel Goodrich
Length: 332
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
Softcover ISBN: 978-1592182268 MSRP: $21.95
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1592182275 MSRP: $31.95
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The classic 1855 novel about flying over Europe in a hot air balloon is restored, enlarged, and preserved for a new generation to experience the thrill of exploration.

Samuel Goodrich’s charming 1855 book about the travels of Robert Merry and his friends over the various countries in Europe continues to resonate with readers young and old. The spirit of adventure and discovery, combined with the period challenges of ballooning, make for a thrilling story well into the 21st-century.
This Retro Restored Illustrated Edition features:

  • Enlarged 7″ x 10″ pages
  • Softcover and hardcover options
  • Digitally restored page layouts
  • Old-time tinted paper
  • Classic weathered type font
  • The original, classic illustrations
  • Editor’s preface
  • Bold retro-styled cover design

Part adventure novel, part European history lesson, and part geography lesson; Goodrich’s contemporary tale of a group of youths exploring Europe is imaginative and fascinating for modern readers.

From an era when readers rarely read or saw images from far-off locales, Merry and his friends hire a balloon and embark on the adventure of a lifetime from Boston in the United States and travel to Ireland, England, France, The Pyrenees, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Constantinople, and more.

Though many of the scientific, sociological, and cultural observations are hopelessly outdated, this curious mid-19th century adventure is an entertaining and enlightening blast from the past. In 1855 the thought of flying over a volcano was itself an adventure beyond imagination!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introductory Dialog
Chapter 2: The Start – Excitement – Poetry
Chapter 3: Color of the Sea – Land, ho! – Ireland
Chapter 4: Description of the Scenery
Chapter 5: The Island of Great Britain – Fog and Smoke – Liverpool – London
Chapter 6: Breakfast – St. Paul’s – The Queen – Prince Albert
Chapter 7: The Royal Family – Kissing a Princess – Wales
Chapter 8: History of England – Beef, Pork, Mutton, and Poultry
Chapter 9 – Childish Ideas of Geography – Dover – Description of the Country of France
Chapter 10 – Merry and His Friends in Paris
Chapter 11 – Observations of Paris
Chapter 12 – Description of The Pyrenees – Madrid
Chapter 13 – People of Madris – Kings and Queens – A Quarrel
Chapter 14 – Portugal – Don Quixote and Sancho – The President of the United States
Chapter 15 – Geography of Spain – Gibraltar – Napoleon – Italy
Chapter 16 – The Bay of Naples
Chapter 17 – The Streets of Naples – Maccaroni
Chapter 18 – Beggars Again – Character of Italians
Chapter 19 – Vesuvius – Description of the Crater – Eruption of ‘79
Chapter 20 – Rome
Chapter 21 – History of Rome
Chapter 22 – Fall of Rome – The Dark Ages
Chapter 23 – Looming Up in the Fog – The Pope
Chapter 24 – View from the Capitol – The Coliseum
Chapter 25 – Leaning Tower of Pisa – Florence
Chapter 26 – The Trojan War
Chapter 27 – Sardenia – The Alps – Switzerland
Chapter 28 – Athens – The Partheon
Chapter 29 – Mount Hymettus – The Plains of Marathon
Chapter 30 – Legends of Ancient Greece
Chapter 31 – The Floating Rocks
Chapter 32 – Constantinople
Chapter 33 – A Bazaar – Aquaducts

About the Publisher:
The CGR Publishing Restoration Workshop uses a vast array of computers and digital scanners to restore, preserve, and enhance the classic works of writers and artists from the 19th century. Each new release includes display-quality covers, enlarged covers, and retro fonts. Select books include Dante’s Inferno Retro Hell-Bound Edition, Gustave Doré’s London: A Pilgrimage, The Complete Book of Birds, A Life of George Westinghouse, The Clock Book: A Detailed Illustrated Collection of Classic Clocks, The Aeroplane Speaks, and much more.