Ocean to Ocean on Horseback in 1876: A Journey Across America – Enlarged Illustrated Special Edition

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Release date: June 24, 2020
Author: Willard Glazier
Length: 544 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Barely a decade after the American Civil War, a daring writer rode from sea to shining sea across a new country reeling from turmoil, expanding into the great unknown.

On May 9th, 1876, Captain Willard Glazier left Boston, Massachusetts, on a journey that many would have called foolhardy and suicidal. In the days long before cars, interstates, cell phones, and air travel, one man dared to ride across the country that he loved from The Atlantic to Pacific – on horseback.

Originally published in 1895, this contemporary account of Glazier’s journey tells a harrowing tale of a man and his horse named Paul Revere. He narrates every step of the way and provides fascinating commentary and descriptive accounts of many American cities as they looked in 1876.

This special edition release includes the original period type font, enlarged pages, new retro cover design, and digitally remastered images. Fans of American history and lengthy road trips are sure to be enthralled by his hastened ride across the plains, his capture by Indians, and his brutal voyage over the mountains to the gleaming Pacific Ocean and San Francisco.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Introductory
Chapter 2 – Boston and its Environs
Chapter 3 – Lecture at Tremont Temple
Chapter 4 – Boston to Albany
Chapter 5 – Four Days at Albany
Chapter 6 – Albany to Syracuse
Chapter 7 – Two Days at Syracuse
Chapter 8 – Syracuse to Rochester
Chapter 9 – Four Days at Rochester
Chapter 10 – Rochester to Buffalo
Chapter 11 – Three Days at Buffalo
Chapter 12 – Buffalo to Cleveland
Chapter 13 – Five Days at Cleveland
Chapter 14 – Cleveland to Toledo
Chapter 15 – Five Days at Toledo
Chapter 16 – Toledo to Detroit
Chapter 17 – Four Days at Detroit
Chapter 18 – Detroit to Chicago
Chapter 19 – Three Days at Chicago
Chapter 20 – Chicago to Davenport
Chapter 21 – Dour Days at Davenport
Chapter 22 – Davenport to Des Moines
Chapter 23 – Des Moines to Omaha
Chapter 24 – A Halt at Omaha
Chapter 25 – Omaha to Cheyanne
Chapter 26 – Captured by Indians
Chapter 27 – Among the Mormons
Chapter 28 – Over the Sierras
Chapter 29 – Along the Sacramento
Chapter 30 – San Francisco and End of Journey

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