Antique Switchboards for Electrical, Industrial, and Railroad Operations: A Classic Illustrated Guide


Release date: April 8, 2020
Author: Hervey Walker
Length: 217 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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A fascinating look at early 20th-century switchboards for power, light, manufacturing, and transportation.

Hervey S. Walker first published this detailed illustrated guide to switchboards in 1911 for engineers across America who built the great industrial complexes that grew the United States into an economic powerhouse with operations controlled by switchboards.

This classic book is enhanced by hundreds of photographs of the fronts and backs of switchboards, knife switches, gauges, choke coils, lighting arrestors, panel boards, radial voltmeter switches, classic engineering diagrams, and more. Engineering historians and electrical engineer enthusiasts will enjoy this unique look at the bygone era of industrial controls and operations that ran factories, manufacturing plants, ships, railroads, newspapers, apartment buildings, and more.

Includes a look at select switchboards from famous companies including:
Hershey Chocolate Company
The Standard Oil Company
Eastman Kodak Company
Pennsylvania Railroad
New York Tribune
U.S. Mint Refinery in San Francisco
Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Company
U.S. Battleship “Virginia”
Youngstown Tube and Sheet Company
National Starch Company
Republic Iron and Steel Company
And more…

Selections from the Table of contents:
The Function of the Consulting Engineer
Archaic Switchboards
The Location of the Switchboard
Of What Shall the Switchboard be Built
The Back of the Switchboard
Motor-Operated Rheostat
Remote Control Circuit Breakers
Alternating Current Switchboards
Amperes per Line at Various K.W. and Voltages
Diagram of Switchboard Connections; Two-Phase System
Diagram of Switchboard Connections; Three-Phase System
Field Discharge Switches
Voltmeter Plug and Recepticle
Disconnecting Switches
Wires and Cables
Conduit Details
And more…

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