Turbo Volcano: Future Year 1982

Release Date: March 3, 2022
Artist: Turbo Volcano
Length: 53 Minutes
Genre: Electronica, Electronic, Industrial, Experimental

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Play clip from 8-Track Killed the Internet Star

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Track List:

  1. 8-Track Killed the Internet Star
  2. System Failure
  3. Could this be Laser Love?
  4. Burning People with Monsters and Cutting them in Half
  5. Switches and Honey
  6. The Rangers of the Adventure Galaxy
  7. Mega Alligator from Monster Dimension Zero
  8. Response from the Dark Nebula
  9. Hooray! The Food Replicator Gave me Extra Pickles
  10. My Robot Brain was Seduced by the Event Horizon
  11. Ride of the Super Ninja Seagulls from Mars
  12. Future Year 1982