Turbo Volcano: Future Spa


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High-Quality 192kbps Mastering
Stereo – 61 Minutes

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Release Date: May 7, 2022
Artist: Turbo Volcano
Length: 61 Minutes
Genre: Electronic, Electronica, Industrial, Experimental

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Track List:

  1. Gold Digging Space Muffin
  2. Future Spa
  3. Zone of Danger (feat. Omega Ronin)
  4. A Derelict Spacecraft
  5. Transporter Malfunction
  6. Supertrooper Juice Bar
  7. Xenomorph Revolution
  8. Fortress of Zardozz
  9. Alpha Fighter (feat. Omega Ronin)
  10. Ultramega Robot Man Needs Love Too
  11. Echoes in Vapor
  12. Voyage to the Computer Brain