The Illustrated History of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition: Enlarged Special Edition Volume 1


Release date: March 4, 2020
Author: James D. McCabe
Length: 500 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Volume one of a two-part series captures the grandeur and intricacies of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition.

The year was 1876, and America was just 100 years old. To celebrate, the city of Philadelphia hosted The Centennial Exhibition in the spirit of progress and independence. Massive buildings were erected, countries invited, and parties held to celebrate the United States’ emergence on the global scene.

This detailed book tells the story of the Centennial Exhibition’s creation and leaves no stone unturned in its description of the buildings, people, and events. The author said that it “features a full description of the great buildings and all the objects of interest exhibited in them.

Just a decade after the Civil War, America’s first great World’s Fair went on to inspire Paris 1889, Chicago’s 1893 Columbian Exposition, and New York’s 1939 World of Tomorrow.

Originally written in 1876, this stunning reprint features the original period font, retro styling, and enlarges the pages with images in impeccable detail. A new cover design was created in the spirit of 1876, fit for display on the grandest of shelves or coffee tables.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The City of Philadelphia – Historical
Chapter 2: Philadelphia in 1876
Chapter 3: Philadelphia in 1876 Concluded
Chapter 4: Fairmount Park
Chapter 5: The History of the Centennial Exhibition
Chapter 6: The Management of the Exhibition
Chapter 7: Getting To the Exhibition: Accommodations for Visitors
Chapter 8: The Opening of the Exhibition
Chapter 9: Without the Grounds
Chapter 10: The Exhibition Grounds
Chapter 11: The Main Building
Chapter 12: The Main Building Concluded
Chapter 13: Machinery Hall
Continues in Volume 2

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