You have a special interest or niche-market book and want to self-publish, but you don't know how to design the cover, get it into stores, or advertise effectively. That's what we do!

  • Cover Design
  • ISBN
  • Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Advertising and Marketing

CGR Publishing has a proven track record of publishing, distributing, and marketing niche-market and special interest products to an international audience. Our in-house design team creates covers and advertising campaigns that sell books.

If you are a writer or artist with a book or concept who is interested in seeing your work sold and distributed through our network of sellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Ebay, and specialty retailers, please contact us at the link below.

At this time we are most interested in historical non-fiction, instructional guides, how-to books, coloring books, children’s books, and professionally-produced manga and graphic novels.

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*Do not send a submission without contacting us first. Serious inquiries only.